Gonna be seeing spots

Ok, I was going to post Monday, but I was so lethargic. Same on Tuesday. Thankfully I can shift those posts around. Score +1 for attempting blog organization?

Hopefully by this weekend, I will have started on my circle skirt.

Circle skirt fabric

Yes, remember, ehh, this time last year when I mentioned I'll be following Casey's circle skirt a-long? Well, better late than never, right? My dad helped me pick this fabric when we were in the fabric store. As I was paying for it, I saw him ogling the sewing machines, and I joked that he should buy himself one, and sew my skirt for me.
He just laughed, that's yes in dad speak, right?

Nail Polish

I painted my nails blue the other day, and it's already chipping! It seems that red polish stays better, so why not do the polka dots again!

Roving and spindle

Oh, did I mention I have a spindle now(I've had it for almost a year)? I'm on the look for another, as I would like to make some fingering weight yarn someday.

So I've got my fingers crossed that I'll have things worked on by the weeks end!

I hope you all are having a great first day of summer!!

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