Easily Distracted

Well, no, I wouldn't say easily distracted. More, I let the yarn and needles guide me to make things. I have two more letters to write, a wee bit of embroidery to finish, and oh, the pink thing to finish. But I couldn't resist the urge to get the needles and yarn out to start on another first for me.

If you follow me on instagram (tinyangrycrafts), you'll see I posted this up yesterday with the caption 'Whoops, working on a cardigan' And well, I suppose it is sort of a 'Whoops' moment. I'm still working my way through my second sock, now I'm about to start on a cardigan! I suppose I'm just a bit ambitious.
I looked through my patterns folder, and saw a print out of the Mrs. Darcy Cardigan, and I just went for it.

Work went on into the late evening, and most of this morning. I stopped to visit my grandma, drink some tea, and show off my knitting.

My mom is quite impressed with my work, and is cheering me on, as are a good deal of my friends. I'll give it till I start seaming up the sides until someone asks for one xD.

Anyone else doing something slightly ambitious?

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