Spinning in circles

Well, I finished my circle skirt.
I made it in an evening, and I love it to bits and pieces.
After I agonized for a while, I decided the best way for you all to see it would be on me.
Why did I agonize? I've got the weirdest self-esteem ever. I'm perfectly content with slaving over a costume to wear to a convention, and have a bunch of photos taken of me, but when it comes to 'normal' photos, I'm suddenly shy. It's the strangest thing ever.

I have on my 2012 goals list 'Increase my self-confidence' Well, where better a place to do so than on my blog? A friend of mine said I seem to be more confident in things of my own making, so there's a start. I have an excuse to make more cute clothes for myself, and possibly show off some of my costumes from this years convention!

Well, without further ado, my circle skirt.

Okay, I'll get better photos of it when I find a nicer blouse, but excited, and quite content with this one so-far.

Gonna be seeing spots

Ok, I was going to post Monday, but I was so lethargic. Same on Tuesday. Thankfully I can shift those posts around. Score +1 for attempting blog organization?

Hopefully by this weekend, I will have started on my circle skirt.

Circle skirt fabric

Yes, remember, ehh, this time last year when I mentioned I'll be following Casey's circle skirt a-long? Well, better late than never, right? My dad helped me pick this fabric when we were in the fabric store. As I was paying for it, I saw him ogling the sewing machines, and I joked that he should buy himself one, and sew my skirt for me.
He just laughed, that's yes in dad speak, right?

Nail Polish

I painted my nails blue the other day, and it's already chipping! It seems that red polish stays better, so why not do the polka dots again!

Roving and spindle

Oh, did I mention I have a spindle now(I've had it for almost a year)? I'm on the look for another, as I would like to make some fingering weight yarn someday.

So I've got my fingers crossed that I'll have things worked on by the weeks end!

I hope you all are having a great first day of summer!!

Link Dump

I should really make a nifty graphic for these posts. I'm pretty positive people only comment when they see pictures.

Casey posted some pretty Summer Inspiration from 1949.

Charlotte posted up some pretty 1940's Lingerie. I kinda want a couple of those pieces, they're so cute!

Tasha asked her followers to give her Tips to get over a crafting slump. Very helpful information, especially when one is prone to crafting burnout.

Diana showed off her craft fair display, and it's super adorable!

Naomi gave a very fun guide for if you had only one day to visit Paris. I may or maynot have taken notes.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks link list!

Works in Progress

I've been making it very important I'm working on something for these next few weeks, to ensure I'm not vegging out in front of my laptop. I think its working out just fine. So here's some progress from Sunday and Monday.

Wee bit of painting

It's summer (well, technically late spring), and I've got friends asking to borrow my books. Now I don't mind lending them, it's just I've had friends forget they've been keeping my book. My solution, make a million and seven bookplates to remind them, that book isn't theirs!

Sock Progress

I'm still making slow progress on the second sock. I usually will pick it up when I feel like some tiny knitting to calm my nerves.

Cardigan progress

I'm actually much farther along on this. But it's where I was yesterday afternoon. I've made the back, the right side, and this is the left side. I'm sure by the time this publishes, I'll be working on my first sleeve if I pace myself correctly. =D

Bow Production

I've been gathering up stash fabric, and making bow brooches. Well, I think I'll make bow brooches. I'm thinking making them little hair bows if I get my hands on some alligator clips. What do you guys think?

What things are you working on?

Things I've had my eye on

Today I decided to do a bit of virtual shopping on Modcloth. Thankfully my wallet was far far away as I imagined a cute summery ensemble for myself.

If I had all the money, and wasn’t wary of online shopping for clothes, I’d totally buy all of these, and shimmy down to the beach with a good book tucked in that tote bag.

Do any of you have any dream summery ensembles?

Link Dump

When one ignores her bloglovin for a couple of weeks, they tend to have a lot of nifty blog posts to share later.

Elsie and Emma talked about Time Management, and whoa boy, am I diligently reading this!

With the weather here in the Northern Hemisphere looking more and more lovely, Diana decided to give some tips to new bikers. Another thing I'll be reading diligently again, as I've been dusting my bike off.

Sally posted this lovely lavender salt scrub tutorial, which once I get my hands on some lavender, I'll be making some!

Sarai gave some great advice on having a practical wardrobe.

Hope you enjoy this weeks links!

Easily Distracted

Well, no, I wouldn't say easily distracted. More, I let the yarn and needles guide me to make things. I have two more letters to write, a wee bit of embroidery to finish, and oh, the pink thing to finish. But I couldn't resist the urge to get the needles and yarn out to start on another first for me.

If you follow me on instagram (tinyangrycrafts), you'll see I posted this up yesterday with the caption 'Whoops, working on a cardigan' And well, I suppose it is sort of a 'Whoops' moment. I'm still working my way through my second sock, now I'm about to start on a cardigan! I suppose I'm just a bit ambitious.
I looked through my patterns folder, and saw a print out of the Mrs. Darcy Cardigan, and I just went for it.

Work went on into the late evening, and most of this morning. I stopped to visit my grandma, drink some tea, and show off my knitting.

My mom is quite impressed with my work, and is cheering me on, as are a good deal of my friends. I'll give it till I start seaming up the sides until someone asks for one xD.

Anyone else doing something slightly ambitious?

What I'm up to this weekend

Hello everyone! I'm keeping busy this weekend, so I don't get bored, and sleep all day.
So, I'm knitting up a little something for myself, doing some embroidery, doing a little drawing, writing letters, and making QR codes for my blog.

I'm scribbling out ideas for future blog posts, and playing catch up with the....almost 300 bloglovin posts I've ignored. Oh, that should be fun to sort through.

How are you all? What are your weekend plans?