Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How things are

Alyssa asked how the Student Show was for me.
Honestly, my mind went into 'Ahhh semester is ending soon, must study all the things' mode immediately after. But, it went nicely! I sold a few things, had some lovely company from my art class on both sides of me, and my family showed up for support!
It was a very fun experience, my artist alley helping, and SDCC booth helping really paid off!

Here I am right after I set my table up, and after I sold two octopode! (follow tinyangrycrafts on instagram, you know you want to!)

I'd love to do something like this again! I really enjoyed myself, it was good to have people look at what I'm selling, hear what they really like, and see the bemused faces when they realized I was wearing deer antler.

I'll be back to regularly updating this little blog in June. I'll be very busy these next few weeks, and I've been filled with lots of crafty ideas. I'm still working on those tutorials. I think during the summer, I'll invest in a video recorder. My webcam isn't cutting it. I've also made a cute little DIY, and I'm still mulling over the blog re-design.

Have any of you been in any type of show lately?

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