Spring Break!

Well, I just finished my online history midterm, so my Spring Break has officially started! I have plans to venture out with friends, hang out with my younger sister, and of course, craft ALL the things!

I plan to do a bit of embroidery

A little bit of knitting
Ravenclaw wristwarmer

Some sewing

And some reading

Thankfully for me, most of these things can be done while being social! Yay!

Oh, and I wanted to show you guys some sock progress

Sock progress

I finished one sock!! It looks like an actual sock! I excitedly ran about the house showing my mom, then quickly cast on for the second sock. My mom and younger sister were quite impressed with how quickly I made it, which made me quite happy.

Also during my break, I'll be working on the blog. So there'll be a few site hiccups, and lots of fustrated HTML-confused screaming from a certain tiny blogger.

Have any of you guys started your break? What nifty things have you been working on?

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