Shaping up

It seems that this is slowly turning into a 'I only post my sock progress, and show you with cellphone photos' blog. Oh well.

But I have made some progress with this sock knitting.
It's really a nice take-a-long project. I can work on it while on my commute to school, while waiting for classes to start, during class breaks, while talking to my mom, while watching Buffy! I've even tried it while walking, and well, I'm already clumsy, I don't want to add sharp pointy things to the mix.

My Spring Break is next week, and I plan to spend a lot of the time I'm not at the zoo creating. Working on making my blog look nicer, working on shop items, and cleaning my room to look for my camera charger.

What are some of your plans for your break? if you're not having one soon, what are your weekend plans?

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