Spring Break!

Well, I just finished my online history midterm, so my Spring Break has officially started! I have plans to venture out with friends, hang out with my younger sister, and of course, craft ALL the things!

I plan to do a bit of embroidery

A little bit of knitting
Ravenclaw wristwarmer

Some sewing

And some reading

Thankfully for me, most of these things can be done while being social! Yay!

Oh, and I wanted to show you guys some sock progress

Sock progress

I finished one sock!! It looks like an actual sock! I excitedly ran about the house showing my mom, then quickly cast on for the second sock. My mom and younger sister were quite impressed with how quickly I made it, which made me quite happy.

Also during my break, I'll be working on the blog. So there'll be a few site hiccups, and lots of fustrated HTML-confused screaming from a certain tiny blogger.

Have any of you guys started your break? What nifty things have you been working on?

Shaping up

It seems that this is slowly turning into a 'I only post my sock progress, and show you with cellphone photos' blog. Oh well.

But I have made some progress with this sock knitting.
It's really a nice take-a-long project. I can work on it while on my commute to school, while waiting for classes to start, during class breaks, while talking to my mom, while watching Buffy! I've even tried it while walking, and well, I'm already clumsy, I don't want to add sharp pointy things to the mix.

My Spring Break is next week, and I plan to spend a lot of the time I'm not at the zoo creating. Working on making my blog look nicer, working on shop items, and cleaning my room to look for my camera charger.

What are some of your plans for your break? if you're not having one soon, what are your weekend plans?

Link Dump

Haven't done one of these in a while, so here we go!

Katie talked about Stepping out of your box, when it comes to fashion, and wearing things you like, but are too afraid to.

Allyson posted a thread holder she created, after finding inspiration on pinterest.

Charlotte shared her Five Golden Rules for sewing for beginners.

Knitters and Crocheters! Mimi has posted the dates for Knitting and Crocheting Blog week! I can't wait to see the topics this year.

Oh, and I have a couple of questions, which could probably be solved by googling, but to those of you more tech savvy types:
1. Is there a way I can get the 'pin it' button to show on my posts, without having to individually link to everything?
2. Those snazzy 'knitting in progress' buttons which link to your ravelry pages, how do I go about getting one of those?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Sock progress

Sooo, I started these socks on Monday evening, here it is, Thursday evening, and I'm about to start work on the heel!

(apologies for the cell-phone photos, I seem to have misplaced my camera's battery charger)
The pattern I'm using is A Nice Ribbed Sock from Knitting To Stay Sane. It seems pretty straightforward, but I'm sure I'll be scrambling to the internet for a visual translation.

I got a lot of my knitting done while on the trolley for school, and waiting around for classes to start. Some people would curiously ask what I was making, and they'd be surprised when I'd say socks! I even had a few knitters and crocheters compliment my 'bravery' for knitting in public.

Have any of you done any crafty things outside of your home? How'd people react to it?

Some days....

Some days, you won't want to be bothered with knitting another pair of wrist warmers.
Some days, you want something mindless, and slightly complicated to work on.
Some days, you just gotta cast on for some socks.

Yes, that is the yarn I showed off forever ago. Finally doing something with it. Yay.

What have you guys recently started working on?
Hello everyone. I sort-of disappeared from the blogging sea, it's been a mixture of school, being disappointed with silly blogging+shop related things(long story short, dear self stop comparing yourself with others, just keep going at it, people read your blog, etc etc). But, I'm sure I'll back to a semi-regular blogging schedule soon. I still have to work up the lessons, and post the aquarium photos, and work on shiny new items for the shop!

But, here's what I've been up to lately:


My little hands have been busy busy, and I've been flipping though my favorite purchase from the past couple weeks. The Colette Sewing Handbook. I'll do a proper review in the days to come, but this book is fantastic! If you'd like to check out the lovely blog from the books writer, check out Coletterie.

Lino and cutter

I've been carving little stamps from rubber, and let me tell you, it is one super relaxing. After the rest of the lino block is spent (I only have one more stamp to make!), I'll share what I made with you all.

paint and brushes

Last time I went to pick up art supplies for class, I picked up a set of mini canvases, and I've been mulling over things to paint on them. It's a lot of tiny work, as the canvas I'm working on is only about 3x3in! But it's fun, a good stress relief!

crochet WIP

Of course, I've been doing a bit of crochet work. I'm making another beanie to sell. I'm sure if I zone out while watching Psych on netflix, I'll have it finished.

What have you all been up to lately?

And because I'm in a better mood than before, I decided to leave you with a little gift of sorts. All domestic orders that use the code SPRING2012 on their orders will receive FREE SHIPPING!