So, what were you up to?

Sometimes we have such an interesting week, we want to share it with everyone! That's what I'll be doing today.
My past week was fun, crafty, and educational.

On the 20th, I went with my mother to the Birch Aquarium at UCSD. This will get it's own post soon enough, so I'll leave you with this clown fish.
Clown Fish
Isn't it cute? It kept popping back into the anemone.

When we returned home, I felt like sewing, so I started on a re-style of this dress my grandma gifted to me.
Owly Images

I have a skirt for my sister, and the rest of the dress for myself. I just have to fit everything to us, and we can't seem to stay still long enough to pin things on one another.

On Saturday, I buckled down and started creating more things for the shop. I cut up some old scrap fabrics I had, and turned them into some pretty adorable bow brooches.
Owly Images

I also got a lot of knitting and crocheting done that day. Last proper free weekend before school started.

Owly Images
Got a good bit into the red beret on Sunday afternoon.

Owly Images
And I finished a hat commission from a friend.

Monday, school started on a very rainy day. I wish I took photos. Ah, infact, I have no interesting photos from this week, as school tends to suck me down this abyss of learning professors names, buying tons of supplies, and remembering where your classes are.

I'm hoping for a great semester this Spring. I have an entirely new attitude about everything, and so many people rooting for my succcess. Maybe one day, I'll go a little more into detail about my school things.

How were your past weeks? Any of you start back to school?
Take care!

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