Mini Update

Hello everyone!
I decided to pop in for a bit to leave you a mini update, so you know what's going on in my life. And by a mini update, I mean, what happened today. I'll have a bigger 'mini' update at the end of the week.

Owly Images

I started a hat over the weekend, and finished it up last night. When I returned from classes today, it finished blocking!

Red Beret

Red Beret

Red Beret

I can't wait to wear it. It was made from the extra wool I had from my mom's Meret, and the Borneo owls. And I constructed it by trial and error. I think I did a pretty good job, and it gave me confidence to work on a project for a later date.

After classes ended, I popped over to the art store and bought some colored pencils for my art course. I've used Prismacolors before, and I've always enjoyed their smoothness. It's gonna be hard to prevent me from using these to color non-school things, I can feel it.


And as I was waiting to pay for my items, I saw the most adorable earbuds.

matryoshka earbuds

I find matryoshka things to be very fascinating, so I yelped happily when I saw these, and immediately bought them. Which is good, because the other pair I've been using finally died in both sides.

I figured I'd start another hat to give my hands something to do during my school commute, so I started this on the ride there.

Start of new hat

Lets see how long it takes to finish this one!

Take care, and happy crafting.

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