Link Dump

I decided to leave you some links to some things that caught my interest this week. Maybe they'll be of some interest to you as well!

Next Tuesday (the 24th) Elycia and Chantilly will be hosting a craft night! I hope I can pop in and observe, and make that cute little camera plush! =D

Allison Kaye adopted a super adorable cat named Batman. I love cats, so I live vicariously through other cat owners. (if you have a cat, let me know so I can make annoying cute sounds!)

The lovely ladies at The Coletterie posted up a nifty tutorial for applique. I think I'll poke about and see if I have any large prints I can chop up!

And I sort of want this Modcloth dress. And by want it, I mean I want to make it.

I start school on Monday, and I keep hitting mini walls when it comes to writing up my lesson things! Maybe being back in the school setting will psych me back into a good writing groove. Hmm. Fingers crossed!!

Take care.

PS- I might make this a regular thing. What do you guys think?

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