Sometimes I create art

Though, I suppose you can call all of my crafty endevours art. But this time, I'm talking about art in the 'traditional' sense, with pencil and paper, ink and paint.


I decided to make a little list of things I'd like to own, then I figured why not draw it out!


I felt just the inked lines were boring, so I added some color to it, and it made my smile brighter.

Detail 1

I think the seamed stockings were my favorite to work on of the bunch. So simple, yet adorable.

Detail 2

My second favorite was the record player. Now there are quite a few record players owned in my family (Last I checked, 6 in total?) But I'd like to have my own. And a nice collection of vinyl!

Do any of you like drawing out lists of things?

Friday, Saturday, Monday

An Amineko appears in my house one day, and the next, it's advertising for me!

Advertising Amineko 1
"Hello There! How are you fine folks today? Well I hope."

Advertising Amineko 2
"Looking for something cute and handmade to gift someone this holiday season?"

Advertising Amineko 3
"Well, I implore you to stop by Tiny.Angry.Crafts etsy shop this weekend!"

Advertising Amineko 4
"Use the code: THANKS2012 to get FREE SHIPPING on your order. (domestic orders only, so terribly sorry)"

Advertising Amineko 5
"Also, please check out other online independent shopowners! Buy handmade this holiday season!"

Advertising Amineko 6
"Thank you kindly for your time."

So, from 12:05am 11-23-2012 to 11:45pm 11-23-2012 all items in my shop will have FREE domestic shipping!

Simple things

Sometimes, when life comes at you at a million miles an hour, it's best to let yourself get distracted with simple things.


Scribbling out a new knitting project.


Playing one of your silly favorite DS games (after finding your DS after an entire year)

I sadly couldn't make new things for Black Friday/SmallBusinessSaturday/ Cyber Monday, but I'll re post the items in the shop, and have a FREE SHIPPING code!(for US only, sorry)
Thankfully, I have a week off, so I can relax a bit, and work on gifts for my family and friends. That should be fun, I think. Oh, and I'll be writing up some blog posts (hopefully).

How've you all been?

PS- Sooo, who has: Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon White, and Animal Crossing:Wild World, and wants to trade friend codes?

Where'd this month go?

Hello everyone, it's been exactly one month since I last posted. How that happened, I'm not sure, but I'm posting now.
I have things planned to post during November, when I'm sure I'll go slightly insane with doing NaNoWriMo for the very first time, and juggling school.

I should have a post up showing off the bowls I made for Alycia's crochet along tomorrow, so you can at least have some photos from me this month.

Alright, I'm going to sit and plot more with my upcoming story, and listen to spooky music.

Are any of you participating in NaNoWriMo? What are your Halloween plans?

Getting some sewing done

I meant to have this up a couple days ago, only to realize I hadn't even written the post. Woopsie!

Well, after buying Gertie's book, I said to myself, I need to make more clothes. I noticed I feel more confident in something I've made, and a confident Carla is the best Carla to be around!  And I've had a few suggestions to show off my sewing on the blog, soo, here we go!


This is the blouse I'm making. It's more a summery blouse, but San Diego doesn't grasp that it's fall, and shouldn't be 80 degrees still. I'm using a blue cotton I bought at Joann's ages ago.

Blouse dart

After I traced the patterns on muslin, I marked all the appropriate things from the pattern piece.

Pseudo Tailors Tacks

I sort-of misread how to properly do tailor's tacks. I would have asked my mom, but she was napping, so I winged it.

Oh, oops

Oops, see the second blue piece of fabric? It's also supposed to have white threads on it as well. But I figured it out in the end. Mom will have to explain again, but I should have made the loopies much longer.


Guys, I don't know why, but I honestly don't mind ironing when it comes to sewing things. I only pull my iron out if I absolutely have to iron out a shirt or pants, but it only stays put till I'm sewing. Do any of you other sewists do the same?

I have the buttonholes in the blouse now, but it was almost impossible to photograph! On the next set of photos, you'll see them!

Are any of you guys sewing anything?

I learned a new skill

Hello everyone!

Well, a few days back, I bought myself a little gift.

I've been following Gertie's blog for quite some time, and I was delighted to know she had a book coming out. I luckily had an amazon gift card, and snatched up a copy!

If you love vintage, slow-sewing, new techniques, SEWING pick this book up. Go, right now. I'll wait right here.
One of my fall confidence boosting goals is to make myself clothes I'll feel happy in.

I tested my 'If I make it, I'll feel better' theory on Friday when I was out and about with my mom while wearing my circle skirt
I got loads of compliments on my skirt, on my hair, on my general outfit. People let me pass by, people held doors open for me, etc. I smiled more, and I felt FANTASTIC!

So my next item on the sewing block is a blouse from Gertie's book. One of the points on the blouse are bound buttonholes, which I've only attempted to sew once, and utterly failed at. After some pep-talk from my mom, I flipped trough some books, and raged at youtube tutorials.

I think I did a pretty damn good job. My mom likes it, so I think I'll be ready to trace my pattern, and stitch up the muslin!

Do any of you have Gertie's book? If so, what projects are you looking to sew in it?
Have any of you learned any new skills in your crafts?

Oh, would any of you care to see my progress on the blouse I make?

Link Dump

Hello darling readers! I’m sort-of back with a nice smattering of links from when I was lazily checking my bloglovin.  (Though I accidently deleted 300+ unread posts, oops. Oh well)

My dear pen-pal, Illona took a visit I’m so happy to have lived through vicariously. She went to the Edward Gorey House! (the last three words are three separate links)

Solonah shows off some work out images from a 1943 book, and boy, do I want those model’s hair styles and outfits!

Have you ever wanted to make your own ‘zine? Well look no further than Kailey’s adorable tutorial! I’m contemplating making one of my own. Now should issue one be of mermaids, or owls?

I want to make all of these travel outfits that Charlotte shows off. Someone, buy me some fabric!

How have you all been? Hope you have a great weekend!

My room is a black hole.

I'm truly convinced it is. It has managed to gobble up my blog scheduler, my camera card reader, my crochet hook I use to make granny squares, all of my written notes for crochet/knitting lessons, numerous socks, etc. I'm sure once I compete in my least favorite Olympic event 'The cleaning of the room', I'll find all these things.

Well, August is now upon us, how was everyone's July? Mine was great. I'll have to recap eventually.
I'm slowly trudging through the fun part of remembering I have school later this month, and am cramming as much hanging out time, and crafting time as I can.

Here, have a hat I'm working on!
I'll toy with the idea of teaser images for some of the new shop items I have planned once I work on prototypes and the like.
I'm also toying with the idea of switching shop sites. The etsy fees I have to pay for not selling diddly squat are a wee bit disheartening. Any suggestions? I was thinking Shopenvy.

-blows away the dust-

If you can't read the crappy handwriting, it says:

"So, I've been really busy sewing up cosplay for San Diego Comic-Con(July 11-July 15)
Just thought I would let you know!!
I'll be posting pictures via twitter/instagram, so feel free to check em out!

Will I see any of you at Comic-Con?"

So. Much. Sewing. -goes back into the fray-

Spinning in circles

Well, I finished my circle skirt.
I made it in an evening, and I love it to bits and pieces.
After I agonized for a while, I decided the best way for you all to see it would be on me.
Why did I agonize? I've got the weirdest self-esteem ever. I'm perfectly content with slaving over a costume to wear to a convention, and have a bunch of photos taken of me, but when it comes to 'normal' photos, I'm suddenly shy. It's the strangest thing ever.

I have on my 2012 goals list 'Increase my self-confidence' Well, where better a place to do so than on my blog? A friend of mine said I seem to be more confident in things of my own making, so there's a start. I have an excuse to make more cute clothes for myself, and possibly show off some of my costumes from this years convention!

Well, without further ado, my circle skirt.

Okay, I'll get better photos of it when I find a nicer blouse, but excited, and quite content with this one so-far.

Gonna be seeing spots

Ok, I was going to post Monday, but I was so lethargic. Same on Tuesday. Thankfully I can shift those posts around. Score +1 for attempting blog organization?

Hopefully by this weekend, I will have started on my circle skirt.

Circle skirt fabric

Yes, remember, ehh, this time last year when I mentioned I'll be following Casey's circle skirt a-long? Well, better late than never, right? My dad helped me pick this fabric when we were in the fabric store. As I was paying for it, I saw him ogling the sewing machines, and I joked that he should buy himself one, and sew my skirt for me.
He just laughed, that's yes in dad speak, right?

Nail Polish

I painted my nails blue the other day, and it's already chipping! It seems that red polish stays better, so why not do the polka dots again!

Roving and spindle

Oh, did I mention I have a spindle now(I've had it for almost a year)? I'm on the look for another, as I would like to make some fingering weight yarn someday.

So I've got my fingers crossed that I'll have things worked on by the weeks end!

I hope you all are having a great first day of summer!!

Link Dump

I should really make a nifty graphic for these posts. I'm pretty positive people only comment when they see pictures.

Casey posted some pretty Summer Inspiration from 1949.

Charlotte posted up some pretty 1940's Lingerie. I kinda want a couple of those pieces, they're so cute!

Tasha asked her followers to give her Tips to get over a crafting slump. Very helpful information, especially when one is prone to crafting burnout.

Diana showed off her craft fair display, and it's super adorable!

Naomi gave a very fun guide for if you had only one day to visit Paris. I may or maynot have taken notes.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks link list!

Works in Progress

I've been making it very important I'm working on something for these next few weeks, to ensure I'm not vegging out in front of my laptop. I think its working out just fine. So here's some progress from Sunday and Monday.

Wee bit of painting

It's summer (well, technically late spring), and I've got friends asking to borrow my books. Now I don't mind lending them, it's just I've had friends forget they've been keeping my book. My solution, make a million and seven bookplates to remind them, that book isn't theirs!

Sock Progress

I'm still making slow progress on the second sock. I usually will pick it up when I feel like some tiny knitting to calm my nerves.

Cardigan progress

I'm actually much farther along on this. But it's where I was yesterday afternoon. I've made the back, the right side, and this is the left side. I'm sure by the time this publishes, I'll be working on my first sleeve if I pace myself correctly. =D

Bow Production

I've been gathering up stash fabric, and making bow brooches. Well, I think I'll make bow brooches. I'm thinking making them little hair bows if I get my hands on some alligator clips. What do you guys think?

What things are you working on?

Things I've had my eye on

Today I decided to do a bit of virtual shopping on Modcloth. Thankfully my wallet was far far away as I imagined a cute summery ensemble for myself.

If I had all the money, and wasn’t wary of online shopping for clothes, I’d totally buy all of these, and shimmy down to the beach with a good book tucked in that tote bag.

Do any of you have any dream summery ensembles?

Link Dump

When one ignores her bloglovin for a couple of weeks, they tend to have a lot of nifty blog posts to share later.

Elsie and Emma talked about Time Management, and whoa boy, am I diligently reading this!

With the weather here in the Northern Hemisphere looking more and more lovely, Diana decided to give some tips to new bikers. Another thing I'll be reading diligently again, as I've been dusting my bike off.

Sally posted this lovely lavender salt scrub tutorial, which once I get my hands on some lavender, I'll be making some!

Sarai gave some great advice on having a practical wardrobe.

Hope you enjoy this weeks links!

Easily Distracted

Well, no, I wouldn't say easily distracted. More, I let the yarn and needles guide me to make things. I have two more letters to write, a wee bit of embroidery to finish, and oh, the pink thing to finish. But I couldn't resist the urge to get the needles and yarn out to start on another first for me.

If you follow me on instagram (tinyangrycrafts), you'll see I posted this up yesterday with the caption 'Whoops, working on a cardigan' And well, I suppose it is sort of a 'Whoops' moment. I'm still working my way through my second sock, now I'm about to start on a cardigan! I suppose I'm just a bit ambitious.
I looked through my patterns folder, and saw a print out of the Mrs. Darcy Cardigan, and I just went for it.

Work went on into the late evening, and most of this morning. I stopped to visit my grandma, drink some tea, and show off my knitting.

My mom is quite impressed with my work, and is cheering me on, as are a good deal of my friends. I'll give it till I start seaming up the sides until someone asks for one xD.

Anyone else doing something slightly ambitious?

What I'm up to this weekend

Hello everyone! I'm keeping busy this weekend, so I don't get bored, and sleep all day.
So, I'm knitting up a little something for myself, doing some embroidery, doing a little drawing, writing letters, and making QR codes for my blog.

I'm scribbling out ideas for future blog posts, and playing catch up with the....almost 300 bloglovin posts I've ignored. Oh, that should be fun to sort through.

How are you all? What are your weekend plans?

How things are

Alyssa asked how the Student Show was for me.
Honestly, my mind went into 'Ahhh semester is ending soon, must study all the things' mode immediately after. But, it went nicely! I sold a few things, had some lovely company from my art class on both sides of me, and my family showed up for support!
It was a very fun experience, my artist alley helping, and SDCC booth helping really paid off!

Here I am right after I set my table up, and after I sold two octopode! (follow tinyangrycrafts on instagram, you know you want to!)

I'd love to do something like this again! I really enjoyed myself, it was good to have people look at what I'm selling, hear what they really like, and see the bemused faces when they realized I was wearing deer antler.

I'll be back to regularly updating this little blog in June. I'll be very busy these next few weeks, and I've been filled with lots of crafty ideas. I'm still working on those tutorials. I think during the summer, I'll invest in a video recorder. My webcam isn't cutting it. I've also made a cute little DIY, and I'm still mulling over the blog re-design.

Have any of you been in any type of show lately?

Well, I've been busy

I've been working on things for a student art show I'm in (which is this Thursday!!!)  I have a small bit of stock, and I'll be closing the shop for a bit. This is the first time I'm selling my wares on my own, I'm SO excited! =D

Oh, and I recently got an iPhone, and I'm on Instagram. I'll do what all the cool kids do with Instagram. Take photos of my cat/food/shoes.  Oh, wait, I don't have a cat, and my foods are boring, as are my shoes.
I suppose I can take progress photos, and nifty things I see.

I'm tinyangrycrafts there, if you'd like to follow me :3

Alright, I have a few things to finish up! Do any of you have any awesome things you're working on?


I intended to have a blog post up today, but my card reader was being uncooperative. So I shot a quick photo with my cellphone to email to myself. The photo won't send. My shoulders are tensed up from crafting all day yesterday.

I think this is a sign to just relax today, and do more blog overhaul plotting.

Have any of you had any busy days so sort-of awry?

Spring Break!

Well, I just finished my online history midterm, so my Spring Break has officially started! I have plans to venture out with friends, hang out with my younger sister, and of course, craft ALL the things!

I plan to do a bit of embroidery

A little bit of knitting
Ravenclaw wristwarmer

Some sewing

And some reading

Thankfully for me, most of these things can be done while being social! Yay!

Oh, and I wanted to show you guys some sock progress

Sock progress

I finished one sock!! It looks like an actual sock! I excitedly ran about the house showing my mom, then quickly cast on for the second sock. My mom and younger sister were quite impressed with how quickly I made it, which made me quite happy.

Also during my break, I'll be working on the blog. So there'll be a few site hiccups, and lots of fustrated HTML-confused screaming from a certain tiny blogger.

Have any of you guys started your break? What nifty things have you been working on?

Shaping up

It seems that this is slowly turning into a 'I only post my sock progress, and show you with cellphone photos' blog. Oh well.

But I have made some progress with this sock knitting.
It's really a nice take-a-long project. I can work on it while on my commute to school, while waiting for classes to start, during class breaks, while talking to my mom, while watching Buffy! I've even tried it while walking, and well, I'm already clumsy, I don't want to add sharp pointy things to the mix.

My Spring Break is next week, and I plan to spend a lot of the time I'm not at the zoo creating. Working on making my blog look nicer, working on shop items, and cleaning my room to look for my camera charger.

What are some of your plans for your break? if you're not having one soon, what are your weekend plans?

Link Dump

Haven't done one of these in a while, so here we go!

Katie talked about Stepping out of your box, when it comes to fashion, and wearing things you like, but are too afraid to.

Allyson posted a thread holder she created, after finding inspiration on pinterest.

Charlotte shared her Five Golden Rules for sewing for beginners.

Knitters and Crocheters! Mimi has posted the dates for Knitting and Crocheting Blog week! I can't wait to see the topics this year.

Oh, and I have a couple of questions, which could probably be solved by googling, but to those of you more tech savvy types:
1. Is there a way I can get the 'pin it' button to show on my posts, without having to individually link to everything?
2. Those snazzy 'knitting in progress' buttons which link to your ravelry pages, how do I go about getting one of those?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Sock progress

Sooo, I started these socks on Monday evening, here it is, Thursday evening, and I'm about to start work on the heel!

(apologies for the cell-phone photos, I seem to have misplaced my camera's battery charger)
The pattern I'm using is A Nice Ribbed Sock from Knitting To Stay Sane. It seems pretty straightforward, but I'm sure I'll be scrambling to the internet for a visual translation.

I got a lot of my knitting done while on the trolley for school, and waiting around for classes to start. Some people would curiously ask what I was making, and they'd be surprised when I'd say socks! I even had a few knitters and crocheters compliment my 'bravery' for knitting in public.

Have any of you done any crafty things outside of your home? How'd people react to it?

Some days....

Some days, you won't want to be bothered with knitting another pair of wrist warmers.
Some days, you want something mindless, and slightly complicated to work on.
Some days, you just gotta cast on for some socks.

Yes, that is the yarn I showed off forever ago. Finally doing something with it. Yay.

What have you guys recently started working on?
Hello everyone. I sort-of disappeared from the blogging sea, it's been a mixture of school, being disappointed with silly blogging+shop related things(long story short, dear self stop comparing yourself with others, just keep going at it, people read your blog, etc etc). But, I'm sure I'll back to a semi-regular blogging schedule soon. I still have to work up the lessons, and post the aquarium photos, and work on shiny new items for the shop!

But, here's what I've been up to lately:


My little hands have been busy busy, and I've been flipping though my favorite purchase from the past couple weeks. The Colette Sewing Handbook. I'll do a proper review in the days to come, but this book is fantastic! If you'd like to check out the lovely blog from the books writer, check out Coletterie.

Lino and cutter

I've been carving little stamps from rubber, and let me tell you, it is one super relaxing. After the rest of the lino block is spent (I only have one more stamp to make!), I'll share what I made with you all.

paint and brushes

Last time I went to pick up art supplies for class, I picked up a set of mini canvases, and I've been mulling over things to paint on them. It's a lot of tiny work, as the canvas I'm working on is only about 3x3in! But it's fun, a good stress relief!

crochet WIP

Of course, I've been doing a bit of crochet work. I'm making another beanie to sell. I'm sure if I zone out while watching Psych on netflix, I'll have it finished.

What have you all been up to lately?

And because I'm in a better mood than before, I decided to leave you with a little gift of sorts. All domestic orders that use the code SPRING2012 on their orders will receive FREE SHIPPING!

Things I've had my eye on

Hey guys. It seems school is doing its 'Lets take over every aspect of Carla's life' thing already. I'll be scheduling things during the weekends, to make this a bit easier.

In the meantime, here are a few things I've had my eye on, from Modcloth.

This dress. I love sailor inspired outfits, and this one is just calling to me!!

I'd probably pair it with these tights, and these shoes.

And I might make this a regular thing, because I really enjoy looking at clothes. :)

Do any of you have any nifty things you've had your eyes on?

Take care

Tutorial: Felt Heart Garland

Love it or hate it, Valentine's day is fast upon us. If you'd like to make something for that day, or something to add some cute to your room, look no further than this felt heart garland.

The items you'll need are:
Heart Garland Tutorial

Heart template (really simple to draw up)
Embroidery floss
Sewing needle
Yarn needle
Stuffing (not pictured)


1. Pin heart template to folded piece of felt, and cut it out.

Heart Garland Tutorial

Heart Garland Tutorial

Heart Garland Tutorial

2. Thread needle and sew the heart (I used the blanket stitch. A tutorial for that is on FutureGirl's blog)

Heart Garland Tutorial

3. When you get half way around your heart, stop sewing, and begin to stuff the heart.

Heart Garland Tutorial

Heart Garland Tutorial

4. Finish sewing, and make an extra stitch at the beginning of the heart.

Heart Garland Tutorial

5. Insert the needle at the top, and push through the bottom. Cut excess thread.

Heart Garland Tutorial

Heart Garland Tutorial

6. Repeat numbers 1-5 as needed.

Heart Garland Tutorial

After you make more hearts, you can string them together.

Heart Garland Tutorial

7. Thread a length of embroidery thread.

Heart Garland Tutorial

8. Pierce one side of the heart, and pull through.

Heart Garland Tutorial

Heart Garland Tutorial

9. Repeat as needed.

Heart Garland Tutorial

Enjoy your super adorable heart garland!
If you decide to make one (or many) send me a photo! And if you have any questions, ask here, or email me.

Take Care.