Last post of 2011

And with this last post, I decided to do a quick vlog!
Yay, you get to hear what I sound like now. (I'm usually not that nasally >_> )

Take Care, Happy Crafting, and Happy New Year!

And the winner is....

After running the numbers(I didn't include the threaded comments!) in the Random Number Generator, the winner of the Wrist warmers, and octopus issss:

Congrats! =D I'll be sending you an email momentarily to get your address, so I can mail your wrist warmers and octopus!

Thanks to all of you who entered!

A call for guest bloggers!!

I'm going to be away the first weekend of the New Year, and I'd like a couple of guest bloggers to ensure the place isn't completely dead.

I'd need a few before 1-5-12!

Shoot me an email if you are interested! =D Thank you in advance! <3

Time for a giveaway!!


Hello everybody! I hope you all had lovely holidays. Mine were very quiet, as I mostly spent the day with my younger sister, watching the Doctor Who marathon.

I wanted to do something really nice for all of you, so I decided to have a little giveaway! The two prizes? A pair of wristwarmers, and an octopus! Yes, you heard me, two prizes for one lucky winner! Keep your hands nice and toasty in the New Year, and have a little octopode friend to keep you company.



How to enter:
1.Leave a comment with your email address. Yes, as simple as that.

Additional Entries: (please leave additional comments with each entry)

1. Follow Tiny.Angry.Crafter on Bloglovin'
2. Follow me on Twitter [link on sidebar]
3. Become a fan on Facebook
4. Tweet about this giveaway (please include @tinyangrycrafts, so I can find it)

Additional Information:
The contest will end, and the winner will be announced December 31st at 5:00pm PST Good luck to everyone!


Just wrapped up the gifts I made for my family. One is still blocking -gives it the side eye- I made all, but one gift, and I had fun wrapping them up =D


Hope everybody's holiday season is going well!

Bright Colors

I've only just realized I haven't shared any Works in Progress with you all in a good while. Oops! I think I get into the rush of 'hurry and finish it, so someone can smile' I just don't think about taking time to show how everything goes together.

Well, I decided to do that today.

Stack of colors

I'm making another quick gift project! =D And I'm using my favorite crochet pieces, granny squares.

Bright Colors

I really like how the colors are nice and bright, looking at them make me smile so much.

I was originally quite skeptical as to how they'd look together, but I threw caution to the wind, and went with it. I love the combo!

Forming the square

Now I've got to make all the squares again. Yay! I really like making granny squares. In a future post, I'll show the squares I added to the 'collection' I started here.

Take Care, and Happy Crafting.

More cards, and dolly hats.

Hello everyone!
A couple of days ago, I got one of those etsy tips emails, and something compelled me to check it out. I skimmed to the bottom, and saw 'The first x number of esty shop owners get free cards from Moo' I could resist. I got 50 cards, for the price of shipping. I got them in about three days.

Moo cards

I've already dispersed some to my family. My mom got the first 10 :3 My younger sister likes them a lot. "If someone sees these, they'll probably pick them up and say 'Oh, this person made em, Cool!' Then take it. Ya know?" Is what she told me, after taking a couple. I -might- do proper business with Moo one of these days. I like their cards a lot.

I also put an order for some free, for price of shipping Vistaprint cards on the same day, but I'm still waiting for them. When they come, they'll get a blog post.

There's still a bit of holiday gift making going on in my little workshop, and I've finished some to the point of being unable to take proper teaser photos. Oops! I'll show the gifts after they've gone to their recipients.

I've also been making some cute items for my Ball Joint Dolls again.

Panda hat
A panda hat

Frog hat
And, a frog hat!

Lucky for me, they're quick to make, so I'll totally be making more!

Are any of you still working on gifts?

Take Care, and Happy Crafting

Music and Crafting

Lately, I've been working up a storm. Working on gifts for family members, plotting out something new for the blog, dealing with school things, etc. And all the while I've been busy, my itunes has been playing quite a few songs in very heavy rotation.

So, I decided to share some of the music I listen to while I create.

Mumford and Sons

David Bowie

Andrew Bird (Muse disabled embedding )

What do you all listen to when you create things?

Take Care, and Happy Crafting.

PS- The new thing for the blog will be properly announced hopefully soon.

Can't stop pinning things!

Hello everyone!
I've found yet another distraction for myself on the internet!
Pinterest is an online pin-board where you can pin things that inspire you, outfits you covet, recipes you're just dying to try, anything! I joined in Mid-November, and I'm surprised I'm not pinning things every 5 seconds!
I really like it, and I was wondering if any of you are on it? Feel free to follow me!
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Take Care, and Happy Crafting (and Pinning!)