Little Smiles

During the weekend, I was working like a mad-woman to finish my wristwarmers. For a while, I'd just hear 'click-click-click-SIGH-...why is it dark outside?' and realize I worked a good bit of my day away. I'd look around at a few happy things that made me smile, and I decided to share them with you.

I had a commission to fill out, and two personal projects as well in the flurry of knitting. I decided to stack up the yarn cakes as a quick relaxing thing, and I really liked how the colors look.

Rainbow colors
I bought these embroidery threads a while ago to make something (which I unfortunately lost the doodle to), and just felt the urge to line them up.

owl painting
Last X-mas, my dear friend Gabriel gifted me with this lovely Sooty Owl painting. I really adore it, and smile at it each time I sit at my computer and create. Owls are one of my favorite creatures (Dolphins are the other, you might be quizzed on this xD), and it was just so sweet to be presented with this lovingly painted Sooty. [G, I know you're reading this. Hi! Thanks again <3 ]

Anything make you smile lately?

Take Care, and Happy Crafting

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