During my blog absence, I sat back and thought about some things I'd like to do with this blog, and my shop.
I flipped through my craft selling books, and just wrote down some of my goals.

Scribbly Goal list

And, if you can't read my handwriting, they are as follows, with an addition,

  • Be in a craft fair, or an Artist Alley.
  • Be featured in a craft magazine, or another craft blog.
  • Do some guest blogging spots.
  • Make tutorials.
  • Hit 100 fans on facebook.
  • Hit 50 sales on Etsy.
  • Interview bloggers/shop owners.
  • Be interviewed.
  • Hit 100 followers on twitter.
And the addition:
  • Be a more confident blogger.

My confidence wanes and waxes a lot, I'll get that 'Oh are people even reading/ do they even care' feeling all too much. But I'm slowly building it up. I have a lovely team of motivational friends keeping me going, so I'm sure I'll do great.

I'm even going to try one of the goals on my list in a few minutes! If I succeed, you guys will be the first to know.

Edit: Oh yeah, I installed Disqus, so I can actually reply to your comments! It's a bit difficult when someone comments, and I have no way of contacting them to reply, so this will help a lot!

Edit 2: I realized some of these are larger long term goals. I should probably make another blog list with smaller goals next time.

Take Care, and Happy Crafting

Little Smiles

During the weekend, I was working like a mad-woman to finish my wristwarmers. For a while, I'd just hear 'click-click-click-SIGH-...why is it dark outside?' and realize I worked a good bit of my day away. I'd look around at a few happy things that made me smile, and I decided to share them with you.

I had a commission to fill out, and two personal projects as well in the flurry of knitting. I decided to stack up the yarn cakes as a quick relaxing thing, and I really liked how the colors look.

Rainbow colors
I bought these embroidery threads a while ago to make something (which I unfortunately lost the doodle to), and just felt the urge to line them up.

owl painting
Last X-mas, my dear friend Gabriel gifted me with this lovely Sooty Owl painting. I really adore it, and smile at it each time I sit at my computer and create. Owls are one of my favorite creatures (Dolphins are the other, you might be quizzed on this xD), and it was just so sweet to be presented with this lovingly painted Sooty. [G, I know you're reading this. Hi! Thanks again <3 ]

Anything make you smile lately?

Take Care, and Happy Crafting

Cyber Monday!

Hey guys, this little ship in the great sea of blogs should be back to normal on Tuesday!
But, I wanted to inform you all on a little Cyber Monday FREE SHIPPING special I'll be having in the shop.
I'll be restocking it, and everything in the shop will ship to you for the low low price of FREE on Monday.

So, from 12:15am PST to 11:45pm PST, everything in my shop will have free shipping!
Here's a little sneak peek of something I've been working on.
Sneak Peak

Guest Post- Rebecca from Ms.Stitcher

Today's guest blogger is Rebecca from Ms. Stitcher. She's a relatively new blogger, who posts up some very lovely crafts! I hope you enjoy her post.

Fabulous Felt and Easy Peasy Pincushion

Hi, I am absolutely thrilled to be writing a guest post for Tiny Angry Crafter! I've been following for a while and when I saw the request for a guest blogger I jumped at the chance. I'm MsStitcher, from www.msstitcher.blogspot.com and have been blogging for about nine months now, about all sorts of different crafts that I do, and am learning to do.
So after emailing Carla a little bit, I thought that a good subject would be one of my favourite fabrics, which is felt.
The reason I love felt so much is because it is really easy to work with. So to demonstrate this I have made a tutorial for this cute little pincushion.

This is so easy to make, that it would be a really great beginner project. Also this is my first tutorial, so any feedback would be very welcome and I hope you find it useful and easy to follow.

Make a Pincushion in half an hour

You will need:
  • Scraps of felt, in a few different colours.
  • Scissors
  • Thread. (This will be seen, so choose a colour to match your felt)
  • A needle.
  • A small amount of stuffing, depending on how big you want your pincushion.
What to do:
  • Cut out two circles(1&2) from felt, the size that you want your pincushion to be. If you have templates then you could use them, or maybe draw around a mug or something. I cut my felt into squares the size I wanted and then rounded off the edges
  • Using different coloured felt, cut out a smaller circle(3), and then another one a little bit smaller than the last(4).
  • Using running stitch, stitch the smallest circle(4) onto the the medium circle(3) and then stitch that onto one of the bigger circles(1)or(2)
  • Tie a knot in some thread and begin stitching the two large circles(1)&(2) together about 5mm from the edges. Leave a gap big enough to be able to stuff, but do not tie off the thread yet. (I kept the needle threaded and pinned it onto the felt so that it wouldn't get in the way)
  • Stuff the pincushion
  • Gently pull the thread taut, to give a nice ruffled edge and finish stitching up the edge. An easy way to finish off on a piece like this is to tie a knot as close to the fabric as possible and then push the needle into the item, and out a little way off, making sure you hear the "pop" as the knot goes through. Then you can cut the thread as close as possible to the fabric knowing that it is secure. This then leaves no visible knots or loose ends.
This is quite a simple project, but obviously can be personalized in any way that you want to. Instead of doing smaller circles, you could do other shapes. Or you could add some beads or even a small embroidery on to the top if you wanted.

Thank You for reading, and Thank You to Carla for having me.

Guest Post- Bianca from Goodnight Little Spoon

Today, the lovely Bianca from GoodnightLittleSpoon will be guest blogging. I've been following Bianca's blogging adventures for a good while, and I just adore everything she posts. I hope you feel the same.

Hi there, this is Bianca.
Carla asked me if I'd like to put together a guest post while she's away from her blog and I racked my brain for something crafty to share. Carla is kind of a crafting magician. She makes such wonderful things and is a very clever crafter. I have just finished up university for the year and while I've got lots of extra time on my hands, I've been lacking in inspiration. My remedy for this is that usually, if I put all my favourite crafting supplies in front of me, something craft eventuates. So, here is a list of my favourite crafting supplies. I find that simple materials are usually best.

What are your favourites?
x Bianca