Moo cards!

Last week, I was browsing on the internet, and saw that was doing a 'free sample cards' thing, and I decided to jump on it.
Last Saturday, I received my sample cards, and let me take you through the fun opening process.

Moo box

They come in such a nifty little box, here's the outside.

Oh, ok!

And the inside, which quite literally screams 'OPEN ME!'

My sample cards

And here are the cards I got samples of! If I ever order from them, I'll reshoot the photos, and not use the watermarked ones, and re-color them in photoshop a bit better, so they're not so dark. Or missing bits, like the octo-stack photo.

front and back

And the photo of my card holder with my card info on the back!

The cards themselves are a nice matte texture, and the photos look nice on them (well, the clearer, newer photos)

I might do proper business with moo sometime in the near future, but I wanted to share these with you all.

Take Care, and Happy Crafting.

What are you working on?

Hello everyone!

Just popping in to fling a couple of WIP's in your general directions.

First up, well, it doesn't look like much of anything. But they're two personal projects for some darling friends of mine. I think I'll paint the other hoop later on as well.

Gryffindor WIP
Next, what's a post by me without knitting?
I'm working on some Harry Potter WristWarmers for the shop, and I'm starting with Gryffindor. Not sure which house I'll work on next though. I guess which ever color of yarn comes out of the bag next.

And not so much a WIP, but rather a thing to reply to later this evening.
Letter from Donovan
A lovely letter from Donovan from the Letter Writers Alliance. I really like her handwriting, it's so nice and flowy. Heh, I suppose that's another reason why I enjoy having pen-pals, seeing nice handwriting.

Asa Gray stamp
And seeing awesome stamps.

What about you all? Do any of you have some WIP's you're working on? Written any letters lately?

Take care, and happy crafting.

To get a letter, send a letter

Hello readers!  Miss me?
I finally was able to snag a working card reader!! I've all but bolted it to my camera.

In my blog absence, I've been crafting away at nice little things to show you all, slowly gathering things for the Sew-A-Long, and writing letters. I have bad penmanship

Today was a nice enough day to reply to a few over-due letters. Sunny, but cloudy out, and no black-outs.(yesterday, SD county was out of power from 3:40-about 9:50. I remained quite calm during the whole ordeal)


I really enjoy writing letters. I call it 'The cheapest way to travel'. It's a good way to make friends, and to learn about another place. I try to convince a lot of my friends to write to some one. Even if you can't think of anything, just send a letter. It'll put a smile on their face.

letter doodles

Or at least the envelope will.

Oh, notice the new layout? I wanted something simple and lovely. I still have to fix a few things here and there (links especially!) But I'm quite happy about it. I'm not html savvy, but I think I did pretty ok.
What do you think?

Take Care, and Happy Crafting.