Summer Fun

Oh, it's end of the first full week of July. Yayy.

Things around the blog have been a bit quiet, as I've been working on things for San Diego Comic Con. All will be normal-ish after the con.

Now that's out of the way, have some things I've created.

On my last entry, I shared an amigurmi I was working on. I actually finished it the next day >_>

Mermaid amigurumi

TaDa! A mermaid. She was super fun to work on, and I want to make more ; w;

Mermaid back

And the back. I had the most fun with her hair. I single crocheted down the back of the head in two rows, then looped the hair in the SC's.

And because it's been so hot here in SoCal, I made a little something that makes me happy to have in person, and in plush form.

Ice Cream amigurumi

I sent my mom a picture of this via text message, and she replied 'Why are you sending me pictures of ice cream...Oh, this is crocheted!!! Ahhh cute!!!!' Ahah, I love my mommy.

Ice Cream detail

And a detail shot. Good way to get rid of some of the beads I have, I think.

A while back, I joined GoodnightLittleSpoon's MixCD swap, and here are the two CD's I made before I send them off.

MixCD 1
CD 1

MixCD 2
CD 2
I hope both of my recipients enjoy their CD's :3

So, on Monday, it will be my birthday! =D Yayyy. I still have no clue what I'll be doing that day, though. I'll figure something, that probably might include going to as many 7/11's as I can to get two free slushees .

How have you all been? Create anything awesome?

Take Care, and Happy Crafting.

PS- you should follow me on twitter. Just Saying.


  1. Whaaa!? 7-11 gives free slushies on your birthday!? I wish I had known that! (Though, I got my free grand slam at Denny's and my free burger at Ruby Tuesdays, so... I guess I ate enough that day!)

  2. I am so jealous! Your amigurumis are beautiful! I finally got on Bloglovin and I can get your feeds from there, Carla. :)

  3. errrk meant to sign in on wordpress :p

  4. The beaded sprinkles on the ice cream cone are fantastic! It looks so good, it has me craving a frozen summer treat! I love the mermaid as well! She's adorable!

  5. I'm so embarrassed. I'm one of your mixed cd swap partners, and yours is finally in the mail. I'm sorry it is so belated!

  6. this is super adorable! i love the little ice cream cone :) x

  7. that ice cream cone is awesome!!


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