Summer Fun

Oh, it's end of the first full week of July. Yayy.

Things around the blog have been a bit quiet, as I've been working on things for San Diego Comic Con. All will be normal-ish after the con.

Now that's out of the way, have some things I've created.

On my last entry, I shared an amigurmi I was working on. I actually finished it the next day >_>

Mermaid amigurumi

TaDa! A mermaid. She was super fun to work on, and I want to make more ; w;

Mermaid back

And the back. I had the most fun with her hair. I single crocheted down the back of the head in two rows, then looped the hair in the SC's.

And because it's been so hot here in SoCal, I made a little something that makes me happy to have in person, and in plush form.

Ice Cream amigurumi

I sent my mom a picture of this via text message, and she replied 'Why are you sending me pictures of ice cream...Oh, this is crocheted!!! Ahhh cute!!!!' Ahah, I love my mommy.

Ice Cream detail

And a detail shot. Good way to get rid of some of the beads I have, I think.

A while back, I joined GoodnightLittleSpoon's MixCD swap, and here are the two CD's I made before I send them off.

MixCD 1
CD 1

MixCD 2
CD 2
I hope both of my recipients enjoy their CD's :3

So, on Monday, it will be my birthday! =D Yayyy. I still have no clue what I'll be doing that day, though. I'll figure something, that probably might include going to as many 7/11's as I can to get two free slushees .

How have you all been? Create anything awesome?

Take Care, and Happy Crafting.

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