Special Delivery

Well, I finished that Meret for my mom!
It felt lovely to the touch, and I had to resist putting it on and scampering about. Considering my mom requested this, and I listed her as a "customer", I wrapped the hat up all nice for her.

The finished hat

The handwritten care tag.

Business card, and a little notice card.

I would have photographed the wrapping process, but I was fumbling too much.

Finished package
Tada! The finished product.

I hand delivered it to her, and she gave me the biggest hug, and put the hat on immediately. I'm so glad she loves it. I saw her yesterday, and she was wearing it with pride. Glad you love the hat, mommy!

In other news, I'm in a bit of a funk, and I hope to get out of it soon. I still need to fix up this blog some, and work on a few things for the etsy. I came across this nice Blog organizer on My Girl Thursday that I'll print out to at least be more organized here.

How are you all? Have any blog tips?

Take care, and happy crafting!

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  1. Thanks for the offer of crochet/knitting help love! You are one of my knitting idols. Your beret is AMAZING. I can understand your mum's reaction! It's perfect.


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