Gettin' Stitchy with it

Hello fellow bloggers!
I felt my slowly growing collection of knitting and crochet related books was missing something. Something... important.

Stitch Dictionary

After a little over a year, I finally bought a stitch dictionary. This particular dictionary is pretty informative. I can't wait to start sampling some of the designs!

Example stitch

This Leafy Vine stitch would look nice on a hat, I think.


And Cables! Ahhh Cables! I'm invisioning so many sweaters and hats with cables on them! I suppose a 'how to design knitwear' book is in order for my next book purchase now, huh?

In WIP news, my mom asked me forever ago to make her a Meret in red. Now my semester is over, and I can finally spend long periods of time knitting, I've finally been able to oblige her.

WIP Meret

Slowly but surely. She wants it extra slouchy, so I'll be making a third pattern repeat. I'm using Patons Wool for it, as per her request, and I'm loving the softness. If I have more, I'll probably make her a cowl or something and save it for the fall.

And because I needed to make a post office run today, I picked up some stamps!

Gregory Peck Stamps

; w; I'm such a fan-girl. Oh me and my love of classic films and their stars. I should have gotten the full 20 stamps, but I didn't realize I had extra cash until I got home. I might go and buy another book tomorrow >_> But yes, oogle my Gregory Peck stamps! Which might grace the letters of some lucky pen-pals soon.

Do any of you have any awesome WIPs? Do any of you have any favorite classic movie actors/actresses?

Take Care, and Happy Crafting.

PS- I'm thinking of making one of those Q&A Vlogs soon-ish, so be on the look out for that! :3

(Blog Title= Someone was playing Will Smith's "Gettin' Giggy wit it" in the background, soooo >__> )


  1. I also have a REader's Digest stitch dictionary. Mine is titled "The Ultimate Sourcebook of Knitting and Crochet STitches" and I love it! I made an afghan using the Textured Triangle Stack Stitch.

  2. Stitch Dictionaries are a must!!! I have three. Funny how things like that happen to me when I go to the post office too. Just before the Royal Wedding I ended up getting one the those sets too.

  3. I LOVE Stitch dictionaries. It's one of the things that I miss since I moved :( As for knitwear design, the Knitgirl's essential guide is a must!

  4. A good stitch dictionary is vital! I have actually never had the chance to flip through the Reader's Digest variety. It looks pretty swell! I share your love of classic movies! Lately, I've added a mass of them to my Netflix queue and stream them through the Xbox while I knit. I think it makes for fantastic ambiance!


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