Works in progress

Well, it's officially summer now! I am excited. Did anyone do anything special yesterday?
I did garden work, and did a bit of crocheting and knitting.

When I first figured how to make granny squares, I found it very relaxing, and a good way to use up scraps. I picked up making more of them these past couple of days, while digging through small leftovers from past projects.

Granny Squares

I'm not sure what I'll do with them once I get a sizable number. Maybe a purse? Maybe even a nice blanket once winter rolls around again.

I got a random idea at about 2 this morning to make an amigurumi. I doodled the design, and got to here.

WIP Amigurumi

I still need to work on it, and figure how I'll do a couple parts. I'll try to keep you updated.

Gryffindor WristWarmer

Harry. Potter. Wristwarmers. Enough said. I'll be knitting these up all the rest of my summer, I think. xD All of the houses, both styles. Fun times man.

And finally, I set this out last night to work on, but got distracted with Game of Thrones.
WIP Deer Headband

More Deer Headbands! :3 I intend to have at least four before I put them in the shop.

And another WIP, this blog. It's a constant WIP, and I need more motivation to work on it. Hopefully it'll strike soon, and not at 4am when I should be asleep.

Do any of you have some awesome WIPs? How are your summers so far?

Take care, and, happy crafting.

Why do you blog??

When browsing Alycia's blog, The Curious Pug, she posted a simple question, "Why do you blog?" I thought a good while about answering that question. I mused loudly to myself, I sat and stared at blank word documents, until I came up with a few simple answers which I will share with you.

-To have another creative outlet.
-To Share my thoughts and creations with people.
-To Connect with like-minded people out there.
-To keep track of inspiring things/posts/people.
-To remind myself I am good at what I can do.
-Because I can.

Simple as that.

How about you guys? Why do you blog?

I'll hopefully have some nice blog content next week, still in something of a creative funk, sadly.

Take Care, and Happy Crafting

Special Delivery

Well, I finished that Meret for my mom!
It felt lovely to the touch, and I had to resist putting it on and scampering about. Considering my mom requested this, and I listed her as a "customer", I wrapped the hat up all nice for her.

The finished hat

The handwritten care tag.

Business card, and a little notice card.

I would have photographed the wrapping process, but I was fumbling too much.

Finished package
Tada! The finished product.

I hand delivered it to her, and she gave me the biggest hug, and put the hat on immediately. I'm so glad she loves it. I saw her yesterday, and she was wearing it with pride. Glad you love the hat, mommy!

In other news, I'm in a bit of a funk, and I hope to get out of it soon. I still need to fix up this blog some, and work on a few things for the etsy. I came across this nice Blog organizer on My Girl Thursday that I'll print out to at least be more organized here.

How are you all? Have any blog tips?

Take care, and happy crafting!

Gettin' Stitchy with it

Hello fellow bloggers!
I felt my slowly growing collection of knitting and crochet related books was missing something. Something... important.

Stitch Dictionary

After a little over a year, I finally bought a stitch dictionary. This particular dictionary is pretty informative. I can't wait to start sampling some of the designs!

Example stitch

This Leafy Vine stitch would look nice on a hat, I think.


And Cables! Ahhh Cables! I'm invisioning so many sweaters and hats with cables on them! I suppose a 'how to design knitwear' book is in order for my next book purchase now, huh?

In WIP news, my mom asked me forever ago to make her a Meret in red. Now my semester is over, and I can finally spend long periods of time knitting, I've finally been able to oblige her.

WIP Meret

Slowly but surely. She wants it extra slouchy, so I'll be making a third pattern repeat. I'm using Patons Wool for it, as per her request, and I'm loving the softness. If I have more, I'll probably make her a cowl or something and save it for the fall.

And because I needed to make a post office run today, I picked up some stamps!

Gregory Peck Stamps

; w; I'm such a fan-girl. Oh me and my love of classic films and their stars. I should have gotten the full 20 stamps, but I didn't realize I had extra cash until I got home. I might go and buy another book tomorrow >_> But yes, oogle my Gregory Peck stamps! Which might grace the letters of some lucky pen-pals soon.

Do any of you have any awesome WIPs? Do any of you have any favorite classic movie actors/actresses?

Take Care, and Happy Crafting.

PS- I'm thinking of making one of those Q&A Vlogs soon-ish, so be on the look out for that! :3

(Blog Title= Someone was playing Will Smith's "Gettin' Giggy wit it" in the background, soooo >__> )