Recommend some blogs to me!

Please? I'm always on the look out for new blogs to read, so could you please tell me some of your favorites?

I'll hopefully have another post later today.

Take care, and happy crafting.


  1. The way most people find other blogs is to take a look at the blog role that others read. There are some awesome blogs around.
    Would you like to do a little cyber travelling? is about living in Paris and she has links to other similar blogs.
    I have a long list in my profile of mainly sewing and knitting, some are very educational like : and others are more hobby knitters and sewists.
    I often find a blog like I have found yours; from a blog thread on Ravelry :D

  2. I have no idea where I got the blogs that I read, but my blogroll is pretty good, ifimaysaysomeself.

    My favorites are fluffbuff, attic24, needled, Knitting before Knitting was Cool, Knitting Goddess with a Cat... *goes on for hours*

  3. My favorite blog in the whole world:

    and well, my blog ;D


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