Oh you little Deer

So, was the suspense enough for you?

Today I'll only have time for 'in-action' photos, as my card reader has walked away...yet again.

But, without further ado, I present to you

You little deer
TA-DA! Little deer headband!

You little deer
One evening, I was sketching a deer inspired outfit for one of my dolls, and I fell in love with the headband design.

You little deer
I thought, Oh what the heck, I'll make myself one. I really like how it came out, and how it looks on me. Heh, what can I say, I like cute silly things. I've made two more, and I'm planning to have a few more after finals/my convention next weekend.

Also, pardon if you experience any hiccups. I got bored on Saturday and started fixing up the blog. I finally have an About Me page! When I'm not fretting over school work, I'll be fixing it up some more, and making it look pretty!

Are you doing any fixing up on your blogs?

Take Care, and Happy Crafting.


  1. OMG! I would have never guessed :P It is adorable!

    I added a tutorials and freebies page to my blog - I'm looking to add a button or something, but I'm not sure.

  2. So, so fantastically cute!!! Seriously, I'm just about jumping up and down over here from the cuteness overload those darling antlers gave me :)

    Big hugs & joyful Tuesday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica from Chronically Vintage


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