Weekend Crafts

My productivity level sort-of waved this week. It mostly went into various planning stages. But I have some lovely completed items I can show off to you!

Now a bit before my Spring Break started, I got my first request on etsy(to which I squee'd and flailed about happily). A sweet lady asked if I could make a tiny octopus for her boyfriend. I gleefully obliged.

Tiny Octopus

It's a tiny 1.5x1.5 in.

Tiny Octopus

It was hard to part with, but I made one for myself, and it somehow ended up with 9 tentacles. Heh.

Next on the list is a granny square.


I remember when I was younger, I'd watch my grandma make a huge blanket from just one granny square starter. I might sink into the 'Must make huge granny square blanket' mode once it starts to get cold again. But for now, I'll make random ones, in bright colors as a form of relaxation.

Cross-stitch is quickly becoming my new favorite thing.


I made the red heart last night when my sister was visiting. And the pink heart just today, in aprox. 40mins. I can't wait to figure more patterns to make. I've scribbled out one, and I'm itching to start stitching it up.

And last on the list, a hair bow!


I knitted this one up while visiting a friend a few days ago. I finished it on my train ride home, while sitting with a nice lady who was knitting up some socks. :3

My sister liked the bow, and remarked it looked like it should be a bow-tie. Now, us being the nerds we are giggled, and after she left, I snapped it around my neck.


I wear a bow-tie now, bow-ties are cool. -11th Doctor.

Knowing me, I might actually wear this as a bow-tie.

Now tomorrow, my blog will be 1 year old! Hurrah! Do I have any plans to have an epic blog post? Nope. But I will be plotting to re-design the blog. I have it sketched out, I just have to re-look at some photoshop tutorials, and take some photos.
I'm still planning the give-away, but it won't be for a while.

How are you all? Create anything awesome lately?

Take Care, and Happy Crafting.


  1. Cute projects, I especially love the cross stitch hearts!

  2. eeeeeeeee!
    that tiny octopus is so cute e 3e;
    the chopsticks make it better xD


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