Nerdy card holders and hair bows

Hello every one!
Not a whole lot of crafting done this week. But the bit I did get done was lovely.

As I've been self printing my own business cards, I realized I really need something to put them in that can keep them all in order and safe. I walked by my little pile of felt, and saw the black felt and yellow felt just chilling out together. An awesomely nerdy idea popped into my head.

Business Card Holder

Dun nanananana Business Card Holder!
Its a wee bit wonky, but I love it all the same. Now my business cards have a nice place to live in my bag, and I have something adorable to pull them out from!

Business card case detail
Here's the back detail. I love edging things with blanket stitch now!

I was also able to pump out a hair bow. I half knitted this as I waited for class to start, and nobody in the room noticed. I suppose it helped I introduced myself as a very crafty person on the first day.

Blue Hair Bow
I love this blue, it's nice a bright color, and it just makes me happy!

Hair Bow Trio
And here are the rest of the hair bows I've made, and (re)listed in the shop.
Hair Bows!

How have you all been?
Oh! I've also been on the look out for new blogs, to read. What are some of your favorites?

Take Care, and Happy Crafting.

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