More nerdy things.

School still has a vice grip on important things in my life, so I'm doing good to get one crafty thing done a week.

This week, another nerdy cozy! =D

Batman iPhone case
Dunananana, BATMAN! =D It was super fun to make this. Hand-sewing is very comforting for me. :3

Batman iPhone case

Even though I don't own an iPhone, I felt like making a cozy for one. But lucky for me, I do own an iPod, which is the same size.

Batman iPhone case detail
And detail shot.

I've got a few friends interested in other cozies, so that's exciting!

How are you all? Any new awesome things you've made as of late?

Take care, and happy crafting!

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  1. School has also taken over my life... and a job interview that I am going to next week. I have been so stressed :( But I've been sewing on my machine a lot: it's very calming.


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