You know those days....

When you somehow mess up your knitting by accidently increasing 3 new stitches....when you're supposed to be just doing straight knitting?

When you make your amigurumi's legs HUGE?

When you somehow magically make a Giant amineko?

When you can't do satin stitch to save you life?

Yeah, I'm having one of those days. I'll get my groove back!
Oh wait, school starts back next week. -panics-

I can take my small projects and work on em on break...that can work, right? >_>

I hope everyone else's crafty days are better than mine. <3

Take care, and happy crafting.


  1. outline stitch -- who can't do outline stitch?! i was doing outline stitch in pre-school, embroidering pillowcases. good grief. but when i was at my daughter's wedding, she asked me to do some outline stitch on a small piece of fabric and it just looked like bloody hell. one of those days. i hate it when that happens. :) here's to having your groove back.

  2. Grooves come and go, hope yours comes back soon :) and for what it's worth, I think an amirgurumi with huge legs would look ace-good :)


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