What's to come?

Well school started up this week, so I'll be a bit wonky with my posting updates, but I'll try to at least have one post a week. I've got a full schedule for school this semester, so the little bits of craft time will be good for me.

The other day, I was over my moms house, and decided to embroider something adorable. I bought a couple of skeins of floss, decided to come up with this little cutie.

Unicorn embroidery

I'm working on the mane now, and looking for more yellow for the hoofs. I'm sure one of my friends is waiting for me a to make a Robot Unicorn embroidery, ahaha, we'll see.

One of the other things I'm working on, is super nerdy. I've been plotting and sketching out various superhero logos to use for different things. I'm just thinking of what to make first, and which hero.

nananana BATMAN!

I might pump out a Batman something and see who in my friends circle tries to battle for it xD; I'm sorta plotting to make a superhero scarf with as many hero logos as I can fit on it! That'll be a super nerdy endeavor, and I'd love to loose myself in making it. Or, I can just make superhero amigurumi. Hmm.

What are your crafting plans?

Take care, and happy crafting!


  1. Unicoooooooooooooooorn! <3

    Your friends sounds weird by the way. Robot Unicorn WTF?

  2. djhksfhjs The unicorn is damn adorable. And the Batman logo is gonna look totally bitchin'.

    I myself don't really have any crafty stuff planned...well technically I'm supposed to be working on a lolita dress but I'm still learning how to sew so the dress will have to wait until I have the skills. XD

  3. Your embroidery looks superb! Can't wait to see the unicorn in it's finished glory!


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