Shop Update

I listed three new octopod in the shop earlier today.

Yellow Octopus
A sunny colored one (who to me, looks a bit sad. -shrug- maybe I lowered his eye placement some.)

Green Octopus
The green one from last month.

Red Octopus
A fabulous red one.

And an Octo-Stack... or Rasta Octpodes xD

Hopefully if the sunlight permits, and I'm free from back pain, I'll be sewing something, and documenting it. SO that should be fun. And I'll be trying to work on that Shrinky Dinks tutorial I promised a while back.

And tiny reminder, I made a Facebook Fanpage. Mostly out of boredom, I shouldn't be left around technology, Ahaha! I still have to figure how to make a little button for it to stick on the side of my page @.@; Feel free to 'like' Tiny.Angry.Crafts on Facebook :3

How are you all doing? What new crafty things do you have planned?

Take Care, and Happy Crafting


  1. Awh, I actually like the lower eye placement.

    I want to work on designing another doll, but I'm having a hard time finishing my current projects... things are picking up in school :(

  2. It's like a set of octopus traffic lights!

    I think the slightly sad octo is my fave. Aw, I'd want to give him tiny cuddles to cheer him up!

  3. These are cute alone--but absolutely adorable in the stack, great idea!


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