It is 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!
Did you have a lovely day? :3

This is going to be a short, photoless post from me, so if you're only here for pretty pictures, feel free to skip by.
But in 2010, I really grew as a crafter. I went from realizing I've been knitting 'incorrectly' for the past couple years, to quickly jumping into cables, lace patterns, amigurumi, etc. I started this lovely little blog, and have made some very kind acquaintances along the way. I've even set up an etsy shop and a facebook fanpage! Feel free to 'like' it. It is still in its setting-up stage, but hopefully soon, it will be awesome.

I hope 2011 will bring on more awesome crafting, meeting more nice bloggers, more sells in the shop, and many more!!

Happy New Year, everyone.
Take Care, and Happy Crafting.


  1. Happy 2011!

    Can't wait to see another year of your crafting progression!

  2. if you grow that much in 2011, think where you'll be at the beginning of the next year! you really did have a big year. i wish you all good things in 2011!


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