What's to come?

Well school started up this week, so I'll be a bit wonky with my posting updates, but I'll try to at least have one post a week. I've got a full schedule for school this semester, so the little bits of craft time will be good for me.

The other day, I was over my moms house, and decided to embroider something adorable. I bought a couple of skeins of floss, decided to come up with this little cutie.

Unicorn embroidery

I'm working on the mane now, and looking for more yellow for the hoofs. I'm sure one of my friends is waiting for me a to make a Robot Unicorn embroidery, ahaha, we'll see.

One of the other things I'm working on, is super nerdy. I've been plotting and sketching out various superhero logos to use for different things. I'm just thinking of what to make first, and which hero.

nananana BATMAN!

I might pump out a Batman something and see who in my friends circle tries to battle for it xD; I'm sorta plotting to make a superhero scarf with as many hero logos as I can fit on it! That'll be a super nerdy endeavor, and I'd love to loose myself in making it. Or, I can just make superhero amigurumi. Hmm.

What are your crafting plans?

Take care, and happy crafting!

You know those days....

When you somehow mess up your knitting by accidently increasing 3 new stitches....when you're supposed to be just doing straight knitting?

When you make your amigurumi's legs HUGE?

When you somehow magically make a Giant amineko?

When you can't do satin stitch to save you life?

Yeah, I'm having one of those days. I'll get my groove back!
Oh wait, school starts back next week. -panics-

I can take my small projects and work on em on break...that can work, right? >_>

I hope everyone else's crafty days are better than mine. <3

Take care, and happy crafting.

Staring at pretty things.

On the 13th, I visited near-by Balboa Park to do some walking, and observing lovely things.

I did a good bit of walking, and stopped in a small garden, where it was obvious they were waiting till spring has sprung to pull out the larger flowers.

One of the reasons I adore Balboa Park so much, the architecture. As San Diego was host to the 1915 Panama Exposition, and the 1935 California Pacific Exposition, a great majority of the buildings used during that time are left over. Many converted to museums.

Botanical Gardens
If any of you have a postcard from a friend in San Diego, chances are you have one of this beauty. It's the lovely Botanical Gardens! But sadly, it's closed on Thursdays, so next time I go, I'll get photos from the inside.

I even had some time to get some crocheting done while I waited for my grandma to pick me up. Quite a few tourists stopped and stared in wonder. One lady complemented me for taking up 'a forgotten art.' I told her I do it because I love to, and it makes me happy. That made her smile, and it made my afternoon.

Have any of you visted anywhere nice lately? Take any photos? =o

Take care, and Happy crafting!


This was going to be titled 'Oh no, you left her alone in a bookstore, with money?!' But that was too long.

A couple of hours ago, I felt it was a lovely day, and decided to venture downtown to the bookstore. I planned to just buy two semi-specific books; one on amigurumi, the other was to be a knitting stitch dictionary.
I returned home with one thing from my original plan, and two other books I bought on a whim.

-I bought The complete idiots guide to Amigurumi by June Gilbank (Planet June)
-The Handmade Marketplace by Kari Chapin
-And a graph paper sketchbook.

I am happy with my purchases so-far, I'm just upset the store pretty much didn't have any variety of stitch dictionaries(meaning, they did, but they were in huge 50+$ compilation books with embroidery stitches and crochet stitches). Ah well, there are more bookstores to explore in the future :3

And when returning home, I found a lovely letter from a friend in the mailbox.
Kali Stationery

Man, I love sending and receiving mail ; w; It made me happy.

How is every one? Get any new books? Got any crafty book recommendations?

Take care, and Happy crafting!

PS- <3 I'm glad you guys like the lower eye placement on the octopus! I'll keep it in mind for the next ones I make!

Shop Update

I listed three new octopod in the shop earlier today.

Yellow Octopus
A sunny colored one (who to me, looks a bit sad. -shrug- maybe I lowered his eye placement some.)

Green Octopus
The green one from last month.

Red Octopus
A fabulous red one.

And an Octo-Stack... or Rasta Octpodes xD

Hopefully if the sunlight permits, and I'm free from back pain, I'll be sewing something, and documenting it. SO that should be fun. And I'll be trying to work on that Shrinky Dinks tutorial I promised a while back.

And tiny reminder, I made a Facebook Fanpage. Mostly out of boredom, I shouldn't be left around technology, Ahaha! I still have to figure how to make a little button for it to stick on the side of my page @.@; Feel free to 'like' Tiny.Angry.Crafts on Facebook :3

How are you all doing? What new crafty things do you have planned?

Take Care, and Happy Crafting

It is 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!
Did you have a lovely day? :3

This is going to be a short, photoless post from me, so if you're only here for pretty pictures, feel free to skip by.
But in 2010, I really grew as a crafter. I went from realizing I've been knitting 'incorrectly' for the past couple years, to quickly jumping into cables, lace patterns, amigurumi, etc. I started this lovely little blog, and have made some very kind acquaintances along the way. I've even set up an etsy shop and a facebook fanpage! Feel free to 'like' it. It is still in its setting-up stage, but hopefully soon, it will be awesome.

I hope 2011 will bring on more awesome crafting, meeting more nice bloggers, more sells in the shop, and many more!!

Happy New Year, everyone.
Take Care, and Happy Crafting.