Days keep breezing by.

I've been pretty busy as of late. Working on designs, making gifts for people, figuring upcoming travel plans, and figuring school schedules. Fun times, eh?

But none of you are here to read my complaints, just to see the pretty pictures :3

This baby was commissioned by a friend for an upcoming costume.
Scarf commission
It will be about 3ft in length, and have tassels at the ends. Its been a stop and go process, as my shoulders have been aching as of late =<

Top Secret!
Secret Gift WIP
I think this will be the only progress I'll post of this baby. I need it done by new years xD. And so-far it doesn't resemble anything! ='D But I know when it's complete, my recipient will simply adore it :3 ya know, I hope :x

This nifty little number
Copper scarflet
Was made before I left for Vegas in late October, and during the entire trip, I didn't even wear it about. But its super warm, and comfy. :3

Octopus Amigurumi
Of course I've been working on more of these cuties. I'll list him in my shop sometime this week.

Heart Wristwarmers WIP
And a little something for myself. Which will be put on hold, until after the holidays it seems. In a lame attempt to keep me from getting distracted xD;

How is everyone elses crafty to-do list? Mine is still a mile long, but I'm slowly working through it. Lucky for me, most of my gift recipients don't mind late gifts.

Hopefully tomorrow, I'll give sneak previews of other things I have been working on. (granted I'm not tired from being out and about...maybe I should say 'sometime this week!')

Take Care, and Happy Crafting!