Bears, stars and purses

Today is a nice rainy day. Rainy days are perfect for crafting. Or in my case, waiting for the sun to peak through for 5 mins, and take pictures! xD;

I've made a few cute things as of late, such as;

This happy bear.
Happy Bear
I made my sister a 'polar bear' as a just because gift. Welll, more I was working on it, and she claimed it as her own xD So I made myself a cute little brown bear.

I felt the urge to make a little clutch, 1. To have. and 2. for a costume I need to finish. (I've been so lazy on the sewing front as of late.) So I searched for a nice pattern to crochet, and discovered the Berry Sweet Clutch pattern.
Pretty White purse
Its done entirely in shell stitch, which is fun, and quite addicting! And the handle is an icord. I still need to find a nice button for it, and line it. But I love it, and my grandma finds it adorable.

When going through my 'I need to make ____' sketches, I was staring at stars I scribbled out. I did some simple math, and figured out a nice pattern :3
Paopu Fruit
So I made a Paopu Fruit. If you're familiar with the Kingdom Hearts series, you know what this is.

Then after do a bit more math figuring, I made a Mario Star!
Mario Star!
Which I made in about an hour while listening to soap operas at my mums house.

And finally, In not knitting or crochet news, I made some envelopes for pen-pals :3
Handmade envelopes
I have some letters I need to reply to, but I've been sort of hit with a writers block. Which always confuses me, as I've got a prompt 'reply to the letter!' but sometimes it just doesn't work out. But making envelopes helps!

I hope you all are having lovely afternoons.

Take Care, and Happy Crafting.

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  1. That bear is so cute! I love your handmade envelopes too!


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