Pixie hats, and overcast days.

I think I found something super quick and mindless to do when I'm chilling on a car ride >__>

So I made a few more Pixie hats for Cupcake yesterday, but it was super overcast, only a few photos came out nicely. I wanted to re-take more today, but it's overcast again. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE weather like this, but it makes photography more difficult than it should be.

Pumpkin Hat!
I'm starting to secretly love the color orange on this doll...

Pumpkin Hat!
And the side. I sewed some scrap felt for the face, and knitted a green i-cord for the stem. It's super super cute in person =3

Pink Pixie Hat
Here is the pink one I knitted. It has a nice ribbed edge, and stockinette body.

These are addicting
And the others I've made. Three crocheted, and two knitted.
I've made one for my larger doll, Thalia. Now to make a couple more =3

And yesterday, I had a happy mail day!
Little Witch's Love
From my friend The Missive Maven/Ilona
It's about the most adorable Halloween-y letter I've gotten :3

And the thing that made me go 'Awwww!!' aloud;
OWL STICKER!!! He goes 'Hooo' all super happy like!
Made my afternoon brighter.

And if any of you want to be contacts on Flickr (as I've gotten a new one, because I'm too lazy to invest in a spiffy account) my account is here. My Flickr photostream ( My old photostream )

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  1. Whoops. My cat Soda walked across my laptop as I was trying to leave a comment -SORRY! Anyway, I thought you might especially like the owl sticker. It is my favorite on that particular set of halloween stickers.


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