Pixie hats, and overcast days.

I think I found something super quick and mindless to do when I'm chilling on a car ride >__>

So I made a few more Pixie hats for Cupcake yesterday, but it was super overcast, only a few photos came out nicely. I wanted to re-take more today, but it's overcast again. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE weather like this, but it makes photography more difficult than it should be.

Pumpkin Hat!
I'm starting to secretly love the color orange on this doll...

Pumpkin Hat!
And the side. I sewed some scrap felt for the face, and knitted a green i-cord for the stem. It's super super cute in person =3

Pink Pixie Hat
Here is the pink one I knitted. It has a nice ribbed edge, and stockinette body.

These are addicting
And the others I've made. Three crocheted, and two knitted.
I've made one for my larger doll, Thalia. Now to make a couple more =3

And yesterday, I had a happy mail day!
Little Witch's Love
From my friend The Missive Maven/Ilona
It's about the most adorable Halloween-y letter I've gotten :3

And the thing that made me go 'Awwww!!' aloud;
OWL STICKER!!! He goes 'Hooo' all super happy like!
Made my afternoon brighter.

And if any of you want to be contacts on Flickr (as I've gotten a new one, because I'm too lazy to invest in a spiffy account) my account is here. My Flickr photostream ( My old photostream )

Little bits of progress

Lately I've been in strange craft ruts. Some days, I'll work on something, and others I'll stare at the WIP across the room. I'll look up some mindless crafts to do on raverly, or ask my friends for input.
I've been looking for inspirational photos of things to shove in my 'lovely things' folder, and came across Blythe dolls wearing these quirky little hats called 'Pixie Hats' (I want a Blythe, but interestingly enough, I can only stand them if they have bangs. Otherwise, they sorta freak me out.)

After staring at a few photos, I figured how to construct one, and I pulled out my test subject; my BJD, Cupcake. After an episode of Supernatural, I had one. A few episodes later, I had two more. I'm working on more, they're a super mindless thing to knit or crochet, and when I make them in more sizes, I might offer them in the shop for other BJD owners! /doll chick talk.

Little Bits of progress

There are the three I have now(two orange, one rust). I should have better photos tomorrow!

Thanks to everyone who offered input for the sock pattern I should try. I'm still trying to figure out a nice one for me.

Take Care, and Happy Crafting!

When you buy sock yarn

You better make some cute socks.

On the 23rd of September, my mom and I decided to investigate a LYS(The Grove ). I've been wanting to make myself some socks for...some odd reason, and I picked out some needles, and a colorway I found myself oddly attracted to.

Schoeller+Stahl Sock Yarn

And after many hours or dawdling about and watching tv, I wound it up.

Schoeller+Stahl Sock Yarn

Since then, I've been looking for a nice sock pattern to knit up. Now, fellow knitters, what has been your favorite sock pattern to use, or one you really enjoy? Thank you in advance!

Hmm, what else has been up with me? Enjoying this rain we've been getting ; ; Its so comforting! I've been wanting to work on my cosplay costumes for upcoming conventions. I still have two WIP cosplays, but I've sort of lost my drive to complete them, which saddens me =<
But there is one in particular I want to start on ASAP so I don't get angry and give up half way through... or go insane while working on it last minute. -sigh-

How have you all been?