Happy Thursday

Today has been a happy day for me xD
-I won the contest on KnitCast for Mags Kandis' book Gifted.
-Dear Alyoops plugged little Hoot on her blog. And squee'd over him xD Now to start on my Parliament of Owls! >3
-I got happy reply mail from Olivia

It went from 104 on Monday. Gross mugginess/humidity on Tuesday and Wednesday, then rain, thunder and lightning today.

SoCal weather doesn't know what to do with itself xD;

I'll hopefully have photos of things tomorrow.

Take Care, and Happy Crafting.


  1. what a wonderful day!! congrats on the win - that book looks great. we've had awful weather on the east coast, too, thanks to the tropical depression. we're being flooded now, but yesterday it just HUNG there in the air, needing to rain but not raining. ugh, i hate that.

    have a wonderful weekend!


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