Happy Thursday

Today has been a happy day for me xD
-I won the contest on KnitCast for Mags Kandis' book Gifted.
-Dear Alyoops plugged little Hoot on her blog. And squee'd over him xD Now to start on my Parliament of Owls! >3
-I got happy reply mail from Olivia

It went from 104 on Monday. Gross mugginess/humidity on Tuesday and Wednesday, then rain, thunder and lightning today.

SoCal weather doesn't know what to do with itself xD;

I'll hopefully have photos of things tomorrow.

Take Care, and Happy Crafting.

In which I test knit a pattern.

In August, Alyoops asked if anyone would like to help test knit her adorable Borneo pattern.(ravelry link) Me, being a lover of owls, and slight challenges answered her call.

I finished him in 5 days. It was a fun learning experience in knitting this pattern, I learned how to pick up and knit with stitches and using a waste yarn. It made me extremely happy to know I was helping someone ensure their pattern was ready for use by everyone else out there in the world.

Isn't it adorable? ; ^;



I really enjoyed making the tail. But my favorite part was working on the wings =3

Now in the pattern, Alyoops mentions that these little guys love to perch, and perch he has!

On the post
'This is too low for me to keep watch!'

Perched on the fence
'Much better'

Looking out for pigeons
'...Was that a pigeon? HOOOO!'

Perched on my head
After securing the perimeter of my front door, little Hoot decided to perch on my head. 'Much more comfy <3'

Thank you again, Alyoops! It was a lovely opportunity to knit up the pattern! I really enjoyed myself!!

Alyoops can be found on her knitting blog- Knit Me her general life blog- Alyoops and on ravelry. She's a very sweet person who loves knitting, but finds great joy in making knitted toys. You all should check her out if you already haven't.

Take care, and happy crafting.

Shrinky Dinks!

Hello everyone.
Last night a friend of mine invited me to a VIP shin-dig at a local science centre. It was nice to get out of the house and do something different. One of the things to do when everyone else was arriving, make shrinky dinks.

The Communicator badge and TARDIS were made at the event, and the heart was made at home =3
I scribbled out a tutorial, and will post it sometime next week. Hopefully tomorrow, I'll post up the test knit I did for Alyoops Which will mostly consist of squeeing and cooing over the object.

I believe I have rid myself of this funk. Who woulda thunk that something simple as scribbling on plastic and baking it would give me a creative kick in the pants?

Take care, and happy crafting

Still waiting for that groove to return

So, while I wait.
Have a photo of this beautiful Owl.

His name is Ziggy, and he lives at the World Famous San Diego Zoo.

; ^; So pretty.

Take care, and happy crafting