What are you working on?

Hello readers, I'm a very curious person (can be read as NOSY), and I'd like to know what you all are currently working on.

I'm working on my sisters Elephante (yes, still) and another tea booklet. I'm also plotting out some more adorable things. =3

Looking at the Etsy Virtual Lab is inspiring.... when I can catch what is being said without the static =< But I'm learning alot, so that is a good thing.

How about you all, what you are up to?

Take Care, and Happy Crafting.


  1. I'm making a tiny knitted factory for W to animate, it looks super cool... But it needs to be done now! Seriously... It's a bummer. I also need to start a pattern I'm writing for a totoro-themed swap, a necktie for a knitting comic book, and some sample knitting is coming my way in te next week or so... OMG! I just remembered that I need to photograph and knit more samples of my birds! Dangnabbit.... @.@... working 50 hours a week has not helped my brain.

  2. I'm working on more tie dye earrings. I wanted to tell you thanks for the tip on the new music. I think your octopus' are so dang cute.

  3. Hello :) I'm working at acquiring yarn faster than I can knit it :p and also knitting a second sock and a shawl, both using thin 4 ply. I need thicker yarn!

  4. Hello, I was in the virtual lab last night, and right now I'm working on gettin' to followin'.

    All the best!


    P.S. I'm nosy, too. :)


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