Tea and WIPs

-sorry if this shows up twice...-

The other day, my mum bought me a shiny new teapot!! I decided to put it to good use this morning, so I brewed up some peppermint. Me being the clumsy creature I am, ends up burning my pinky and thumb of my left hand =<

So, as it hurts to close said hand, I've got some Aloe Vera on it, and typing quite quickly with my right hand =3

Last night/this morning, I was trying to figure what I should make. Something cute and something that could be made quickly. I asked on twitter , and steph suggested I make either a monkey or a kitty. I chose kitty, then mimi linked me to the Knitted Kitty (ravelry link) pattern.

Started casting on at 2am, got sleepy about 2 mins later xD;

A bit before I started the kitty, I figured as fall is approaching, I needed a new hat. I looked through the hat patterns on rav, and decided on the Meret =3

And earlier this week, I decided to make some little crochet hats for my Ball Jointed Doll, Cupcake.


And a simple pink.

I might make a few more when my hand feels better, and I work the other things =3

Take care, and happy crafting!


  1. Poor hand! Hope it starts feeling better soon :) Go Kitteh Go! :D I cast on something this morning and had no idea where it is going, now it's morphed into a 3 project behemoth :D

  2. the meret is in my queue too! look forward to seeing yours, and i hope your left hand heals quickly. sucks to have a non-working hand when you love to make things.

  3. Steph- Thank you -hugs- <3 Oooo I await photos!! ='D

    Lori- It's such a lovely hat pattern ; ; Thanks! It's healed up a bit, (thank goodness for Aloe) and I started knitting English style; as opposed to my normal Continental, and its all working out nicely =3

  4. Love the little hats for cupcake! She is the most adorable model!

  5. Soulenergy- Aww thank you!! She does try~ xD


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