Sewing things!

Today was a sewing day for me, as I put all my guesstimated math knowledge and confusing sketches to the test. I emerged victorious, and with cute to show you all!
I also made myself a light box! =D
It would have been a better impulse 'Oooo must make now' thing to make when the sun was not in an awkward position in the sky, and when I don't have wider paper to use, but hey, I have a light box now!

I made tissue holders! I had my grandma in mind when making these, as no matter where I go, she's always shoving tissues in my purse or jacket pockets. It's rather cute >__> So I figured, why not make a cute holder for when I need a tissue?

I also saw some cute tea bag holders...somewhere on the nets(I should try to pay attention when surfing the net at like 3am >_> ) and figured, 'I like tea, I have lovely friends who send me tea...I should make one!'

So I did~ I got the pretty butterfly material from a friend who stayed with me during ComicCon, and I love it to bits. The gold is all shiny! =D Thanks again, Manin <3

Next up, we have a passport holder. Now my passport is just chilling in the safe, not being used (c'mon lottery, let me win you) So after some prodding from a friend, I decided to make it fancy and cute =3

So if I ever decide to leave the country, I can flash my passport with style...xD;

And lastly, I crocheted up some more adorable-ness.

Beecat goes 'meowBZZZ' A friend suggested I make this little pile of adorable. I found it kind of amusing, as I'm afraid of bees, but I took up the offer. The wing is a little off, but it's adorable all the same.

And I couldn't resist. While texting my lovely friend Dorian, and asking what I should make, the only response I got back was 'PAULLL!! With Spain's flagggg!!' So~~

Well, I'm off to rest and catch up with friends.
Take care all, and happy crafting!

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