One of those days

Today was one of those days for me. I'm sure you know the kind. Where you want to do a million and seven things at once, and when you sit and try, you get up and walk away?

I wanted to work on something for a friend, I get the material and sit in front of my sewing machine. I stared at the machine for a minute or two, and got up and walked off.
Then I wanted to knit. I started for a row, and quickly got bored.

I went for a walk and it changed nothing. So I sat and started IMing a friend, then got the sudden urge to embroider.

Mmmm chemical structures. Anyone wanna try to decipher my writing and guess what it is?

I hope my sewing and knitting groove come back, and soon. I've got things to do! Maybe I'll make an effort to go and venture about tomorrow, that should clear my head and put me in a better mood.

Take care, and happy crafting!


  1. BOY do I know what that's like! The heebie-jeebies, I just hate them. I hope they're gone today - maybe some oatmeal cookies would help. :)

  2. Maybe a bit of yarn shopping may help??


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