In which she's making cake

So I noticed I get easily distracted with my crafts. First I'll knit forever, then crochet, then sew. What's next on my agenda? Felt desserts.

I made this doughnut to pass the time yesterday. I woke not feeling too well, and contemplating an order for custom felt dolls for a good friend of mine, (I need to show you guys next time! =3 ) so I just pulled out some felt and started scribbling ideas. I now use it for a pinchusion.

This cake was the next thing I made. I had alot of fun doing so =3

It's so cute and yummy looking ; ;

I learned how to make French Knots for the seeds ; 3; (+1 technique!)

I'm already working on another cake. This time with the opposite colors of the first one.

(the happy embrodiery thread holder is from The wild olive's downloads )

Ok, I'm off to sew. I hope that was lovely eyecandy for you =3

Take Care, and happy crafting.


  1. All looks sweet, tasty & cute! HUZZAH for crafting! - Amy Barer

  2. those are so adorable! it doesn't hurt that i have a fierce sweet tooth. :) i know what you mean about getting on long jags with one thing and then another.

  3. Ah, that looks so good! I've been craving sugary things all week, using up all my treats :(

  4. Oooh lovely :D good enough to eat :P

  5. Ahaha thanks everyone. I'm super tempted to make some actual cake, but it's been so hot lately =<


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