One of those days

Today was one of those days for me. I'm sure you know the kind. Where you want to do a million and seven things at once, and when you sit and try, you get up and walk away?

I wanted to work on something for a friend, I get the material and sit in front of my sewing machine. I stared at the machine for a minute or two, and got up and walked off.
Then I wanted to knit. I started for a row, and quickly got bored.

I went for a walk and it changed nothing. So I sat and started IMing a friend, then got the sudden urge to embroider.

Mmmm chemical structures. Anyone wanna try to decipher my writing and guess what it is?

I hope my sewing and knitting groove come back, and soon. I've got things to do! Maybe I'll make an effort to go and venture about tomorrow, that should clear my head and put me in a better mood.

Take care, and happy crafting!

I bought things

Brown felt for a dolls hair and plush ├ęclairs. Pink+rainbow fabric, zipper and ribbon for a pencil roll and pouch for a friend. Snippy scissors. Embroidery thread and a hoop. Size 5 needles and Pattons Classic wool in Mixed dark grey for something I'll be test knitting.

Ok, So much grammar fail. Off to take a nap~

Take Care, and happy crafting!

In which she's making cake

So I noticed I get easily distracted with my crafts. First I'll knit forever, then crochet, then sew. What's next on my agenda? Felt desserts.

I made this doughnut to pass the time yesterday. I woke not feeling too well, and contemplating an order for custom felt dolls for a good friend of mine, (I need to show you guys next time! =3 ) so I just pulled out some felt and started scribbling ideas. I now use it for a pinchusion.

This cake was the next thing I made. I had alot of fun doing so =3

It's so cute and yummy looking ; ;

I learned how to make French Knots for the seeds ; 3; (+1 technique!)

I'm already working on another cake. This time with the opposite colors of the first one.

(the happy embrodiery thread holder is from The wild olive's downloads )

Ok, I'm off to sew. I hope that was lovely eyecandy for you =3

Take Care, and happy crafting.

Tea and WIPs

-sorry if this shows up twice...-

The other day, my mum bought me a shiny new teapot!! I decided to put it to good use this morning, so I brewed up some peppermint. Me being the clumsy creature I am, ends up burning my pinky and thumb of my left hand =<

So, as it hurts to close said hand, I've got some Aloe Vera on it, and typing quite quickly with my right hand =3

Last night/this morning, I was trying to figure what I should make. Something cute and something that could be made quickly. I asked on twitter , and steph suggested I make either a monkey or a kitty. I chose kitty, then mimi linked me to the Knitted Kitty (ravelry link) pattern.

Started casting on at 2am, got sleepy about 2 mins later xD;

A bit before I started the kitty, I figured as fall is approaching, I needed a new hat. I looked through the hat patterns on rav, and decided on the Meret =3

And earlier this week, I decided to make some little crochet hats for my Ball Jointed Doll, Cupcake.


And a simple pink.

I might make a few more when my hand feels better, and I work the other things =3

Take care, and happy crafting!


Hello everyone!

I've been busy with some amigurumi figuring...and being buried in the Ikea catalogue >_> So as I have no photos to show you, have some music I've been listening to a lot lately.

Crossfire by Brandon Flowers

First Sight by These United States

No Tomorrow by Orson

I hope you enjoy the music! What have you all been listening to as of late?

I'll hopefully have some crafty goodness for ya by the end of this week.

Take care, and happy crafting!

What are you working on?

Hello readers, I'm a very curious person (can be read as NOSY), and I'd like to know what you all are currently working on.

I'm working on my sisters Elephante (yes, still) and another tea booklet. I'm also plotting out some more adorable things. =3

Looking at the Etsy Virtual Lab is inspiring.... when I can catch what is being said without the static =< But I'm learning alot, so that is a good thing.

How about you all, what you are up to?

Take Care, and Happy Crafting.


You guys, I modded This pattern a little bit, and came up with a Narwhal. I'm so stupidly excited over this, it's hilarious.

Narwhal by ~Lorthide on deviantART

(that's my deviant art account, btw. I have some of my cosplay photos on there, in case any of you were interested in seeing them =3 )

Sewing things!

Today was a sewing day for me, as I put all my guesstimated math knowledge and confusing sketches to the test. I emerged victorious, and with cute to show you all!
I also made myself a light box! =D
It would have been a better impulse 'Oooo must make now' thing to make when the sun was not in an awkward position in the sky, and when I don't have wider paper to use, but hey, I have a light box now!

I made tissue holders! I had my grandma in mind when making these, as no matter where I go, she's always shoving tissues in my purse or jacket pockets. It's rather cute >__> So I figured, why not make a cute holder for when I need a tissue?

I also saw some cute tea bag holders...somewhere on the nets(I should try to pay attention when surfing the net at like 3am >_> ) and figured, 'I like tea, I have lovely friends who send me tea...I should make one!'

So I did~ I got the pretty butterfly material from a friend who stayed with me during ComicCon, and I love it to bits. The gold is all shiny! =D Thanks again, Manin <3

Next up, we have a passport holder. Now my passport is just chilling in the safe, not being used (c'mon lottery, let me win you) So after some prodding from a friend, I decided to make it fancy and cute =3

So if I ever decide to leave the country, I can flash my passport with style...xD;

And lastly, I crocheted up some more adorable-ness.

Beecat goes 'meowBZZZ' A friend suggested I make this little pile of adorable. I found it kind of amusing, as I'm afraid of bees, but I took up the offer. The wing is a little off, but it's adorable all the same.

And I couldn't resist. While texting my lovely friend Dorian, and asking what I should make, the only response I got back was 'PAULLL!! With Spain's flagggg!!' So~~

Well, I'm off to rest and catch up with friends.
Take care all, and happy crafting!

So Uhh

I finally caved.
I got a twitter

Yup. I was gonna see how long I held out, but I was bored.

Feel free to follow or whatever. I haven't a clue how this thing works, to be honest >___>