Quick hello, then quick brb

Hey all!
Comic Con was funnnn! ='D I greatly enjoyed myself. I got on my local news channel, news in Norway and News in Canada! (Canadian's and Norwegians, if you see a little angry looking girl in an Uhura costume on either Teletoon(with a Chekov and Scotty) or NTK, respectively, let me know XD; )

I'm still scribbling out plans for new things to make.

Annnnddd I set up an etsy! MY ETSY I also have a link for it up under the 'Find me on' list.
I'm still putting things up there now, but if you see anything you like, let me know! I'll have shop updates and such on here, cause it's my blog and because I can.

Alright, take care all!!

Happy crafting


  1. Oooh etsy :D I feel like opening a shop but I don't think I have enough time :( but congrats bout being on the news!!!

  2. Steph-
    Yesss~ I'm excited. I was working on a few ideas while visiting the beach today =3
    Aww, I say go for it, you can always go on haituses to work on things, then come back when you have items =D

    <3 thanksss~


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