Oh, you're making toys? :)

Howdy all!

I've been keeping myself busy these past few days also know as, oh, you're avoiding editing that huge backlog of photos eh? and making cute little amigurumi!

First on the list is Elefante

Right now, it just looks like odd baby booties, and a triangle... I'm making this for my younger sister. Lucky for me, she loves elephants, and the color purple. Anything to kill that giant blob of Caron one pound. >_>

Next up, Octopi! =D

Aren't they adorable? I just started messing around and crocheting, and ended up with a blob. I closed it up, and thought 'Octopus! FIFA Octopus!' (as the orange one was the first to be made) Then I HDC'd some tentacles, and Tada!

This silver one is going to my friend, who after seeing Paulie, made sounds of adoration, and love.

My sister called him Paulie. She's sort of following the games, I'm not. All I know is Netherlands won a few days ago, and I found that out when friends and I went to eat, and saw to Dutch fellows in their orange shirts. xD;

Next up, is a SackBoy!

One of my friends messaged me on facebook, asking if I could possibly knit up a Sackboy. I said I probably could, and I could even crochet it. She mentions a friend would like one, and asked her if she could make it, but she can't knit/crochet (clearly, I must teach my friends >_> ) So I started to see what I could do.
I'm tinkering with my own 'pattern'. Why is pattern in quotes? I tend to do things by trial and error =3

Lastly on the 'Wow, you're seriously doing all of these at the same time, really? list, I've been making progress on my -semisekrit- amigurumi

Now to seam the back of the head, stuff, and complain as I figure everything else out.
Anyone wanna guess? XD

Well, tomorrow(July 11th) is my birthday. I'll be turning 21. I haven't a clue what I'll be doing. Maybe a zoo trip? Maybe I'll veg out at home, knitting, until someone gets me.


  1. aaaw happy birthday chuck :) I remember being 21 (only that age for the next 3 days :P ) but lovely little knits/crochet :) I wanna make a sackboy!


    And, yeah, I know how it is to be doing a million projects at once! I seem to swing from the extreme of knit-ogamous, single project to "Oh man which one should I work on now!?"

    It's especially easy with ami :)

  3. Happy Birthday, I hope you have a fun and fabulous day!!!


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