All you need is love

I've had various songs from the Beatles stuck in my head for a bit today... -cough-

Today I ventured over to visit my mum and flail to her about my etsy shop, and such. She was such a darling, giving me ideas for little cute things to make, and how to price some items. She also told me she'd help promote my shop once I fling more items up, which is super sweet and adorable. (She's also reading this blog too, which makes me smile. HI MOMMY!! <3 Love ya)

On the crafty front, Octopi. They're sooo fun to make ;; To think I was just durping about one day and made myself an octopus! Now I can't stop >_>

This dapper octopus is a gift to a good friend. She's already given him a name, it's; Mr. Squiggles Remmington III
He was fun to make. With his little tophat, monocle and moustache ; 3;

This little pink one was the next to be made. I'm actually going to be selling it....after I figure a good way to mail it off... Same with Mr. Squiggles.... >___>

And this mustachioed little octopus will also be for sale =3

Octopi pile! ='D

And I decided to keep myself busy yesterday when looking for podcasts to listen to, by making a cake... thing? Sponge cake?

Saw a picture on a Japanese blog of a similar one, and of course I had to figure how to make my own. I have to stuff it, and sew it closed... somehow.

I have some more adorable ideas brewing, I just have to get started on em! I'll of course keep you lovely readers updated!!

Take care, and happy crafting.


  1. Cute Octopi! The monocle is precious :D

  2. Super cute stuff! I keep telling myself to knit more but it just doesn't seem to work out with my job. And your mom is obviously awesome! I added my blog to her bookmarks tab, but I'll never know if she actually looks at it :P

    My favorite way to mail stuffs is to sew a brown paper bag into a package. They're super cheap to mail because they're so light!

  3. Love the octopi. You should join the cephalopod along group on Ravelry! (I'm Lynnette there)

  4. It all looks super cute :) I think you should do a clockwork orange octopi :D

  5. @WorstedKnitt. Thank you =D

    @Alyoops. D'aww, thanks! Knit in secret >___> do eet /bad influence.
    Awww, email the link to your mom, or set the homepage to your blog xDD Thanks for the tip <3

    @efbq. Thanks! Ooo I'll look into it, thank you.

    @Steph. Thank youuu. Ahaha! Yeah I should =o

  6. Hello my love u rock bby love ur MOM


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