Whatcha up to now?

Hey all! Here are a few things I've been working on these past few days.

I’m on a total Hanna Is Not A Boy’s Name kick right now, so I decided to make a little Conrad!Bat =3 I think he’s super adorable, and I need to make a Sassy!bat ASAP >3 (made using Luciana's Nice Bats! pattern

I made my BJD, Thalia a cute head-bow, for the sole purpose of seeing if I could make them on a small scale. I can =3 I'll need a fingering weight yarn for it to not look silly though.

I can for see lots of knitted strawberries littering my doll shelf in the near future... (made with Pezdiva's Knitted Strawberries

Anddd sometime in the near future, that will be a leg warmer. Yes I'm starting making myself a pair super early. And I need something to do to kill that GIANT skien of purple Caron. But it's mate will be red... eh whatever.

In not knitting news, I haven't touched my sewing machine in a month. I have a convention at the beginning of July; Anime Expo, and one at the end of July; San Diego ComicCon. -sigh- Knowing my luck, I'll get my sewing groove the night before I leave for AX... watch >__>

How about you all, what are you up to now?


  1. Thank you, VeganCraftastic! =D

  2. I love the bat. I want one! Have you had a shifty about with your layout?

  3. Thanks Steph! Little Con!Bat is just chillin on my TV, plotting his escape. Lol. Yup, I'm trying to see how long I can stand the pink before I change it... sooo expect a few more shiftys soon XD


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