Little bit of sewing

Yesterday I did a bit of not cosplay sewing. I made myself a pincushion, as I keep losing mine >_>. A cute little embroidered felt badge, and a zippered pouch.

My little pincushion. I made a doll dress with this material a while ago, and I was lucky to have some left over. It's so cute and useful, and will live in my sewing box from now on.

Now as someone who loves writing letters and having penpals, I figured I should make myself a little badge stating so. I should get back to replying to a few letters also >_>
My grandma taught me to embroider when I was about 6 or so. She taught me backstitch, and a few other stitches, but I never really did much with it. Now I'm reteaching myself, and will probably embroider lots of my things.

Ahhh, so many mistakes. But I love it all the same. =)

My zippered pouch. I found a few tutorials on how to make them, so I threw together a few, grabbed some scrap fabric, and I am proud of my result.

The lining is a simple orange, and the zipper is an old one that I've had since I started sewing, so I was glad to finally be able to give it a home on something.

I want to make more pouches, but with adorable Japanese fabric. I have to keep myself off etsy every day so I don't get the urge to buy some. >__> Maybe when I get money! xD

And dear readers, I'll try to make this little blog a bit more interesting, at some point this summer.


  1. Aww wow, all 3 are so cute :) I reckon you should start selling on etsy. Which tutorials did you use for the zippered pouch?

  2. That pouch looks so well made.

  3. Steph- Aww thank you <3!!! I -might- I'm still kinda in that 'my stuff isn't all that spectacular' phase...
    I used and I scribbled out a visual diagram of the 'folding the corners part' that I can't find atm.

    A&G- Thank you very much!

  4. Very nice work! I love your little patch; I covet it, actually, even though I don't know what I'd do with it except admire it every so often.

    What is cosplay? Should I go look it up, or might you tell me?

  5. Thank you, Melanie! Hahaha I'm planning to make a few more actually. Bit of a semi-slow process, but I think with the more I figure, the faster I'll be. I'll probably post a bit of my ideas later on today. =)

    Cosplay... Ah, well it's the art of dressing up as ones favorite sci-fi/anime(Japanese animation)/manga(Japanese comics)/Western comic/video game/etc, character. It's really quite a fun hobby. It's a mix of the words 'COStume' and 'PLAY'.
    I think I did an ok job of explaining.

  6. I get it. Thanks for explaining!


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