Lazy Friday

Today was a bit of a lazy day for me. I planned to sew, but my back hurt from yesterday, and I didn't feel like sewing alone today. =< So, I visited my mum, and made another pin =3

Hehe, it's a knitting pin! I was wayy too lazy to fill in the entire circle with green, but I like how it turned out =3

Next on the pin list is a Tea pin =3 After that... well I have to buy more pin backings ^^; But I scribbled out some ideas.

In the knitting world, I'm still working on my little secret amigurumi, but didn't take pictures of it. I'm also working on another 'Bloom Couture Knit Headband' in this lovely light blue yarn. I have another ball of it, and I have no idea what to make with it!

I'm thinking a hat maybe? Maybe another Star Crossed Slouchy Beret... -shrugs-

When taking these photos (in my room, as it's now dark outside, and the light in the living room is crap) I decided to get a few self-portraits of myself in one of my pink headbows. Oh yay, you finally get to see the grump-face behind this blog.

...What, you want me to look at the camera? Don't ya know all the cool kids don't look at cameras?!
Ok. Okay, FINE!

Heh. :3 Finally found my Sonic Screwdriver Pen! Now to get the 11th Doctors @.@;

Take Care, and happy crafting.


  1. my ex had one of those sonic screwdrivers, he used to point it at the steering wheel when I was driving and say that he was controlling it :D

  2. I like the yarn in the pin. :) It's "minimalist!"

    I've been meaning to make a Star Crossed Slouch Beret... *for myself, tis why it's never been done*

  3. I really like the pink bow. The funny thing? They sell homemade craft-esque headbands at places like Anthropologie for $30. Good for you, lady.

  4. I like the pink bow too! And hooray for Doctor Who. (I remember watching the very first Doctor when I was little on a black and white tv with lots of funky predigital special effects...and it was fabulous!!!)


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