Lazy Friday

Today was a bit of a lazy day for me. I planned to sew, but my back hurt from yesterday, and I didn't feel like sewing alone today. =< So, I visited my mum, and made another pin =3

Hehe, it's a knitting pin! I was wayy too lazy to fill in the entire circle with green, but I like how it turned out =3

Next on the pin list is a Tea pin =3 After that... well I have to buy more pin backings ^^; But I scribbled out some ideas.

In the knitting world, I'm still working on my little secret amigurumi, but didn't take pictures of it. I'm also working on another 'Bloom Couture Knit Headband' in this lovely light blue yarn. I have another ball of it, and I have no idea what to make with it!

I'm thinking a hat maybe? Maybe another Star Crossed Slouchy Beret... -shrugs-

When taking these photos (in my room, as it's now dark outside, and the light in the living room is crap) I decided to get a few self-portraits of myself in one of my pink headbows. Oh yay, you finally get to see the grump-face behind this blog.

...What, you want me to look at the camera? Don't ya know all the cool kids don't look at cameras?!
Ok. Okay, FINE!

Heh. :3 Finally found my Sonic Screwdriver Pen! Now to get the 11th Doctors @.@;

Take Care, and happy crafting.

Little bit of sewing

Yesterday I did a bit of not cosplay sewing. I made myself a pincushion, as I keep losing mine >_>. A cute little embroidered felt badge, and a zippered pouch.

My little pincushion. I made a doll dress with this material a while ago, and I was lucky to have some left over. It's so cute and useful, and will live in my sewing box from now on.

Now as someone who loves writing letters and having penpals, I figured I should make myself a little badge stating so. I should get back to replying to a few letters also >_>
My grandma taught me to embroider when I was about 6 or so. She taught me backstitch, and a few other stitches, but I never really did much with it. Now I'm reteaching myself, and will probably embroider lots of my things.

Ahhh, so many mistakes. But I love it all the same. =)

My zippered pouch. I found a few tutorials on how to make them, so I threw together a few, grabbed some scrap fabric, and I am proud of my result.

The lining is a simple orange, and the zipper is an old one that I've had since I started sewing, so I was glad to finally be able to give it a home on something.

I want to make more pouches, but with adorable Japanese fabric. I have to keep myself off etsy every day so I don't get the urge to buy some. >__> Maybe when I get money! xD

And dear readers, I'll try to make this little blog a bit more interesting, at some point this summer.

Tools of the trade+ a WIP

So as I had a late start to my day, I've decided to share with you, my knitting bag(one of...a few) and roll. (because I clearly have nothing better to do)

The bag was a regular canvas bag from Walmart, that I got bored, and painted one day at 2am. Yes, I let my geek card show all the time xD;

My knitting roll. Quite a fun sew, and good fabric stash buster!

And open, displaying my small collection of knitting needles and crochet hooks. (I have two other circular needles, but they're in use, atm. And my other bamboo straights were hiding in a pair of boots when this photo was taken >_> )

And my WIP. I'm slowly scribbling a pattern together for a plush -insert secret here- It doesn't look like much now, but if I keep at it, and keep good notes, then hopefully it'll turn out awesome!

Also, hello watermarks! I water mark things on my dollsite and dA, so why not here?
And don't mind the layout changes. I'm seeing how long it'll take before I get sick of certain ones.

Take care, and happy knitting.

Whatcha up to now?

Hey all! Here are a few things I've been working on these past few days.

I’m on a total Hanna Is Not A Boy’s Name kick right now, so I decided to make a little Conrad!Bat =3 I think he’s super adorable, and I need to make a Sassy!bat ASAP >3 (made using Luciana's Nice Bats! pattern

I made my BJD, Thalia a cute head-bow, for the sole purpose of seeing if I could make them on a small scale. I can =3 I'll need a fingering weight yarn for it to not look silly though.

I can for see lots of knitted strawberries littering my doll shelf in the near future... (made with Pezdiva's Knitted Strawberries

Anddd sometime in the near future, that will be a leg warmer. Yes I'm starting making myself a pair super early. And I need something to do to kill that GIANT skien of purple Caron. But it's mate will be red... eh whatever.

In not knitting news, I haven't touched my sewing machine in a month. I have a convention at the beginning of July; Anime Expo, and one at the end of July; San Diego ComicCon. -sigh- Knowing my luck, I'll get my sewing groove the night before I leave for AX... watch >__>

How about you all, what are you up to now?


Well this is fun, I got tagged by Steph =3
The prompt is to post 10 things you don't know about me, but would like to know, then tag 10 other bloggers.... Ah this should be fun XD

1. I try to teach myself a new knitting technique every week. This week? Bobbles.
2. I was raised up a nerd. I watched Star Trek TOS+TNG, Doctor Who(Tom Baker is my first Doctor =3 ), and Star Wars when I was a little 'un.
3. I really love writing letters and having penpals.
4. I cosplay...alot. >_>
5. I love to go to museums and gardens. Balboa Park is my favorite place, as it has lots of both =3 (English fail, but I'm running on 1 hour of sleep.)
6. I taught myself to sew and to knit. My mother has a dressmakers+tailors degree, but never taught me sewing. I watched once(she was taking in a pair of my pants when I was 10), and went with trial and error at age 16.
7. Adorable plush things make me squee.
8. I collect Asian Ball Jointed Dolls.
9. I've been listening to TikTok by Ke$ha on loop....and I have no clue why.
10. I'm not a very interesting person.

Now for the fun part, tagging 10 other bloggers...
Piccino Luna, Alyoops, Bianca ...Uhhh, yeah I'll get back to this. If you want to do this, go for it!

I'll hopefully have some WIPs next week. Maybe a bit of sewing progress from my cosplay =D

What's on my needles?

Hello all! School is finally out, and I am back from FanimeCon! Ya know what that means? working on cosplay for Anime Expo and SDCC More knitting!! =D

I was up at my, 1am, looking on Raverly, and I came across an adorable new patterm from MondayMorningKnits(melissamonday on Raverly) It is the 'Bloom Couture Knit Headband' I instantly D'awwed over it, and started knitting a headband for my little sister.

I think she'll enjoy it, once I'm finished... granted I don't keep it for myself. It's too cute! ; ~;

I have a friend's Pullip coming to visit me soon, so I decided to take a stab at making a cute little beret, using the 'Écolière Beret' pattern from Parasoldoll (keyinherpocket on Raverly)

I've also been slowly working on a cosplay piece; Martha Jones' hat from the Doctor Who Episode, Human Nature. I'm sure when I finish it, I'll wear it pretty much everywhere XD

It looks like a purple pancake >__>

And finally, some FO's. I've been making these little knitted hair bows like crazy as of late.

They're so fun to knit, and people seem to enjoy them. I made one for my penpal Bianca, which She blogged about.
SO I think I'll go ahead and take commissions on them, and sell the two above. They will be $15 USD+shipping. Shoot me an email at okamishoujo[at]gmail[dot]com if you are interested.

Take care, and happy crafting!