Days keep breezing by.

I've been pretty busy as of late. Working on designs, making gifts for people, figuring upcoming travel plans, and figuring school schedules. Fun times, eh?

But none of you are here to read my complaints, just to see the pretty pictures :3

This baby was commissioned by a friend for an upcoming costume.
Scarf commission
It will be about 3ft in length, and have tassels at the ends. Its been a stop and go process, as my shoulders have been aching as of late =<

Top Secret!
Secret Gift WIP
I think this will be the only progress I'll post of this baby. I need it done by new years xD. And so-far it doesn't resemble anything! ='D But I know when it's complete, my recipient will simply adore it :3 ya know, I hope :x

This nifty little number
Copper scarflet
Was made before I left for Vegas in late October, and during the entire trip, I didn't even wear it about. But its super warm, and comfy. :3

Octopus Amigurumi
Of course I've been working on more of these cuties. I'll list him in my shop sometime this week.

Heart Wristwarmers WIP
And a little something for myself. Which will be put on hold, until after the holidays it seems. In a lame attempt to keep me from getting distracted xD;

How is everyone elses crafty to-do list? Mine is still a mile long, but I'm slowly working through it. Lucky for me, most of my gift recipients don't mind late gifts.

Hopefully tomorrow, I'll give sneak previews of other things I have been working on. (granted I'm not tired from being out and about...maybe I should say 'sometime this week!')

Take Care, and Happy Crafting!

Bears, stars and purses

Today is a nice rainy day. Rainy days are perfect for crafting. Or in my case, waiting for the sun to peak through for 5 mins, and take pictures! xD;

I've made a few cute things as of late, such as;

This happy bear.
Happy Bear
I made my sister a 'polar bear' as a just because gift. Welll, more I was working on it, and she claimed it as her own xD So I made myself a cute little brown bear.

I felt the urge to make a little clutch, 1. To have. and 2. for a costume I need to finish. (I've been so lazy on the sewing front as of late.) So I searched for a nice pattern to crochet, and discovered the Berry Sweet Clutch pattern.
Pretty White purse
Its done entirely in shell stitch, which is fun, and quite addicting! And the handle is an icord. I still need to find a nice button for it, and line it. But I love it, and my grandma finds it adorable.

When going through my 'I need to make ____' sketches, I was staring at stars I scribbled out. I did some simple math, and figured out a nice pattern :3
Paopu Fruit
So I made a Paopu Fruit. If you're familiar with the Kingdom Hearts series, you know what this is.

Then after do a bit more math figuring, I made a Mario Star!
Mario Star!
Which I made in about an hour while listening to soap operas at my mums house.

And finally, In not knitting or crochet news, I made some envelopes for pen-pals :3
Handmade envelopes
I have some letters I need to reply to, but I've been sort of hit with a writers block. Which always confuses me, as I've got a prompt 'reply to the letter!' but sometimes it just doesn't work out. But making envelopes helps!

I hope you all are having lovely afternoons.

Take Care, and Happy Crafting.

Lions and Fair Isle~

Hello all! I'm back~ =D
Miss me? -listens to crickets chirp-....

Anywhozle, I've been working off an on with little things to fling on the blog, as well as being social, and wanting to rage over schooling situations.

But enough about that, you're all here to see the cute things I make xD.

Little Lion
This is Griever. I made him for my friend's Squall cosplay (from the video game Final Fantasy 8 to those unfamiliar)
He was fun to crochet up. I just went on with my own little 'pattern' I vaguely scribbled out on a business card. In a few hours, I was finished :3

Little Lion
He's so cute ;; and my friend has already expressed great joy about him. I can't wait till she gets him and takes pics :3

I've also been busy with a few other things. Making 'just because' gifts for my friends who've been super supportive of me. Hopefully, I'll photograph their gifts before I give them out. I think all of them are getting some sort of amigurumi xD!

And as the weather has been getting colder, I've been thinking of a new pair of wristwarmers to keep my hands warm. So I thought of a fair isle patterned pair.

Stranded knitting sample
Just a simple stranded pattern I might incorporate into the warmers. The colors blue and brown looks quite nice together, I think.

So how have you all been? Learn any new techniques? Do anything awesome?

Take Care, and Happy Crafting.

Pixie hats, and overcast days.

I think I found something super quick and mindless to do when I'm chilling on a car ride >__>

So I made a few more Pixie hats for Cupcake yesterday, but it was super overcast, only a few photos came out nicely. I wanted to re-take more today, but it's overcast again. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE weather like this, but it makes photography more difficult than it should be.

Pumpkin Hat!
I'm starting to secretly love the color orange on this doll...

Pumpkin Hat!
And the side. I sewed some scrap felt for the face, and knitted a green i-cord for the stem. It's super super cute in person =3

Pink Pixie Hat
Here is the pink one I knitted. It has a nice ribbed edge, and stockinette body.

These are addicting
And the others I've made. Three crocheted, and two knitted.
I've made one for my larger doll, Thalia. Now to make a couple more =3

And yesterday, I had a happy mail day!
Little Witch's Love
From my friend The Missive Maven/Ilona
It's about the most adorable Halloween-y letter I've gotten :3

And the thing that made me go 'Awwww!!' aloud;
OWL STICKER!!! He goes 'Hooo' all super happy like!
Made my afternoon brighter.

And if any of you want to be contacts on Flickr (as I've gotten a new one, because I'm too lazy to invest in a spiffy account) my account is here. My Flickr photostream ( My old photostream )

Little bits of progress

Lately I've been in strange craft ruts. Some days, I'll work on something, and others I'll stare at the WIP across the room. I'll look up some mindless crafts to do on raverly, or ask my friends for input.
I've been looking for inspirational photos of things to shove in my 'lovely things' folder, and came across Blythe dolls wearing these quirky little hats called 'Pixie Hats' (I want a Blythe, but interestingly enough, I can only stand them if they have bangs. Otherwise, they sorta freak me out.)

After staring at a few photos, I figured how to construct one, and I pulled out my test subject; my BJD, Cupcake. After an episode of Supernatural, I had one. A few episodes later, I had two more. I'm working on more, they're a super mindless thing to knit or crochet, and when I make them in more sizes, I might offer them in the shop for other BJD owners! /doll chick talk.

Little Bits of progress

There are the three I have now(two orange, one rust). I should have better photos tomorrow!

Thanks to everyone who offered input for the sock pattern I should try. I'm still trying to figure out a nice one for me.

Take Care, and Happy Crafting!

When you buy sock yarn

You better make some cute socks.

On the 23rd of September, my mom and I decided to investigate a LYS(The Grove ). I've been wanting to make myself some socks for...some odd reason, and I picked out some needles, and a colorway I found myself oddly attracted to.

Schoeller+Stahl Sock Yarn

And after many hours or dawdling about and watching tv, I wound it up.

Schoeller+Stahl Sock Yarn

Since then, I've been looking for a nice sock pattern to knit up. Now, fellow knitters, what has been your favorite sock pattern to use, or one you really enjoy? Thank you in advance!

Hmm, what else has been up with me? Enjoying this rain we've been getting ; ; Its so comforting! I've been wanting to work on my cosplay costumes for upcoming conventions. I still have two WIP cosplays, but I've sort of lost my drive to complete them, which saddens me =<
But there is one in particular I want to start on ASAP so I don't get angry and give up half way through... or go insane while working on it last minute. -sigh-

How have you all been?

Happy Thursday

Today has been a happy day for me xD
-I won the contest on KnitCast for Mags Kandis' book Gifted.
-Dear Alyoops plugged little Hoot on her blog. And squee'd over him xD Now to start on my Parliament of Owls! >3
-I got happy reply mail from Olivia

It went from 104 on Monday. Gross mugginess/humidity on Tuesday and Wednesday, then rain, thunder and lightning today.

SoCal weather doesn't know what to do with itself xD;

I'll hopefully have photos of things tomorrow.

Take Care, and Happy Crafting.

In which I test knit a pattern.

In August, Alyoops asked if anyone would like to help test knit her adorable Borneo pattern.(ravelry link) Me, being a lover of owls, and slight challenges answered her call.

I finished him in 5 days. It was a fun learning experience in knitting this pattern, I learned how to pick up and knit with stitches and using a waste yarn. It made me extremely happy to know I was helping someone ensure their pattern was ready for use by everyone else out there in the world.

Isn't it adorable? ; ^;



I really enjoyed making the tail. But my favorite part was working on the wings =3

Now in the pattern, Alyoops mentions that these little guys love to perch, and perch he has!

On the post
'This is too low for me to keep watch!'

Perched on the fence
'Much better'

Looking out for pigeons
'...Was that a pigeon? HOOOO!'

Perched on my head
After securing the perimeter of my front door, little Hoot decided to perch on my head. 'Much more comfy <3'

Thank you again, Alyoops! It was a lovely opportunity to knit up the pattern! I really enjoyed myself!!

Alyoops can be found on her knitting blog- Knit Me her general life blog- Alyoops and on ravelry. She's a very sweet person who loves knitting, but finds great joy in making knitted toys. You all should check her out if you already haven't.

Take care, and happy crafting.

Shrinky Dinks!

Hello everyone.
Last night a friend of mine invited me to a VIP shin-dig at a local science centre. It was nice to get out of the house and do something different. One of the things to do when everyone else was arriving, make shrinky dinks.

The Communicator badge and TARDIS were made at the event, and the heart was made at home =3
I scribbled out a tutorial, and will post it sometime next week. Hopefully tomorrow, I'll post up the test knit I did for Alyoops Which will mostly consist of squeeing and cooing over the object.

I believe I have rid myself of this funk. Who woulda thunk that something simple as scribbling on plastic and baking it would give me a creative kick in the pants?

Take care, and happy crafting

Still waiting for that groove to return

So, while I wait.
Have a photo of this beautiful Owl.

His name is Ziggy, and he lives at the World Famous San Diego Zoo.

; ^; So pretty.

Take care, and happy crafting

One of those days

Today was one of those days for me. I'm sure you know the kind. Where you want to do a million and seven things at once, and when you sit and try, you get up and walk away?

I wanted to work on something for a friend, I get the material and sit in front of my sewing machine. I stared at the machine for a minute or two, and got up and walked off.
Then I wanted to knit. I started for a row, and quickly got bored.

I went for a walk and it changed nothing. So I sat and started IMing a friend, then got the sudden urge to embroider.

Mmmm chemical structures. Anyone wanna try to decipher my writing and guess what it is?

I hope my sewing and knitting groove come back, and soon. I've got things to do! Maybe I'll make an effort to go and venture about tomorrow, that should clear my head and put me in a better mood.

Take care, and happy crafting!

I bought things

Brown felt for a dolls hair and plush ├ęclairs. Pink+rainbow fabric, zipper and ribbon for a pencil roll and pouch for a friend. Snippy scissors. Embroidery thread and a hoop. Size 5 needles and Pattons Classic wool in Mixed dark grey for something I'll be test knitting.

Ok, So much grammar fail. Off to take a nap~

Take Care, and happy crafting!

In which she's making cake

So I noticed I get easily distracted with my crafts. First I'll knit forever, then crochet, then sew. What's next on my agenda? Felt desserts.

I made this doughnut to pass the time yesterday. I woke not feeling too well, and contemplating an order for custom felt dolls for a good friend of mine, (I need to show you guys next time! =3 ) so I just pulled out some felt and started scribbling ideas. I now use it for a pinchusion.

This cake was the next thing I made. I had alot of fun doing so =3

It's so cute and yummy looking ; ;

I learned how to make French Knots for the seeds ; 3; (+1 technique!)

I'm already working on another cake. This time with the opposite colors of the first one.

(the happy embrodiery thread holder is from The wild olive's downloads )

Ok, I'm off to sew. I hope that was lovely eyecandy for you =3

Take Care, and happy crafting.

Tea and WIPs

-sorry if this shows up twice...-

The other day, my mum bought me a shiny new teapot!! I decided to put it to good use this morning, so I brewed up some peppermint. Me being the clumsy creature I am, ends up burning my pinky and thumb of my left hand =<

So, as it hurts to close said hand, I've got some Aloe Vera on it, and typing quite quickly with my right hand =3

Last night/this morning, I was trying to figure what I should make. Something cute and something that could be made quickly. I asked on twitter , and steph suggested I make either a monkey or a kitty. I chose kitty, then mimi linked me to the Knitted Kitty (ravelry link) pattern.

Started casting on at 2am, got sleepy about 2 mins later xD;

A bit before I started the kitty, I figured as fall is approaching, I needed a new hat. I looked through the hat patterns on rav, and decided on the Meret =3

And earlier this week, I decided to make some little crochet hats for my Ball Jointed Doll, Cupcake.


And a simple pink.

I might make a few more when my hand feels better, and I work the other things =3

Take care, and happy crafting!


Hello everyone!

I've been busy with some amigurumi figuring...and being buried in the Ikea catalogue >_> So as I have no photos to show you, have some music I've been listening to a lot lately.

Crossfire by Brandon Flowers

First Sight by These United States

No Tomorrow by Orson

I hope you enjoy the music! What have you all been listening to as of late?

I'll hopefully have some crafty goodness for ya by the end of this week.

Take care, and happy crafting!

What are you working on?

Hello readers, I'm a very curious person (can be read as NOSY), and I'd like to know what you all are currently working on.

I'm working on my sisters Elephante (yes, still) and another tea booklet. I'm also plotting out some more adorable things. =3

Looking at the Etsy Virtual Lab is inspiring.... when I can catch what is being said without the static =< But I'm learning alot, so that is a good thing.

How about you all, what you are up to?

Take Care, and Happy Crafting.


You guys, I modded This pattern a little bit, and came up with a Narwhal. I'm so stupidly excited over this, it's hilarious.

Narwhal by ~Lorthide on deviantART

(that's my deviant art account, btw. I have some of my cosplay photos on there, in case any of you were interested in seeing them =3 )

Sewing things!

Today was a sewing day for me, as I put all my guesstimated math knowledge and confusing sketches to the test. I emerged victorious, and with cute to show you all!
I also made myself a light box! =D
It would have been a better impulse 'Oooo must make now' thing to make when the sun was not in an awkward position in the sky, and when I don't have wider paper to use, but hey, I have a light box now!

I made tissue holders! I had my grandma in mind when making these, as no matter where I go, she's always shoving tissues in my purse or jacket pockets. It's rather cute >__> So I figured, why not make a cute holder for when I need a tissue?

I also saw some cute tea bag holders...somewhere on the nets(I should try to pay attention when surfing the net at like 3am >_> ) and figured, 'I like tea, I have lovely friends who send me tea...I should make one!'

So I did~ I got the pretty butterfly material from a friend who stayed with me during ComicCon, and I love it to bits. The gold is all shiny! =D Thanks again, Manin <3

Next up, we have a passport holder. Now my passport is just chilling in the safe, not being used (c'mon lottery, let me win you) So after some prodding from a friend, I decided to make it fancy and cute =3

So if I ever decide to leave the country, I can flash my passport with style...xD;

And lastly, I crocheted up some more adorable-ness.

Beecat goes 'meowBZZZ' A friend suggested I make this little pile of adorable. I found it kind of amusing, as I'm afraid of bees, but I took up the offer. The wing is a little off, but it's adorable all the same.

And I couldn't resist. While texting my lovely friend Dorian, and asking what I should make, the only response I got back was 'PAULLL!! With Spain's flagggg!!' So~~

Well, I'm off to rest and catch up with friends.
Take care all, and happy crafting!